Work Without Limits Administrative Employment Network (WWL AEN)



The Work Without Limits Administrative Employment Network (WWL AEN) partners with Community Based Organizations to help the individuals they serve achieve and maintain their employment goals.

Social Security provides payments over time for individuals whose Ticket to Work is assigned as they achieve earnings milestones which are shared with partnering organizations.

Maximum Ticket payments for an individual Ticket holder are $25,340. 

WWL AEN services to partnering organizations:

  • Ticket assignment
  • Wage verification
  • Ticket payment requests, receipts, tracking and processing
  • Ticket payment sharing with partnering organizations 
  • Enhanced long-term benefit counseling to help assigned individuals maximize their earnings and reach their vocational goals
  • On-going outreach to assigned individuals to provide long term support and obtain documentation of earnings as required by the Ticket to Work program

Partnering with the WWL AEN eliminates the need for your organization and staff to:

  • become an Employment Network
  • get the security clearances required by SSA
  • verify and report client wages for purposes of requesting, receiving and tracking payments

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