Disability Images: Showcasing Disability and Defying Stigma

Disability Images: Showcasing Disability and Defying Stigma
Monday, October 30, 2017
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Authors: Mark and Pat Hunt of DisabilityImages.com

As the world leans more toward a visual medium to represent who we are, Disability Images is leading that trend in a positive way. DisabilityImages.com creates and distributes royalty free stock photography of positive lifestyles, containing authentic people with real disabilities. Our focus is on situations that cover a range of topics from home life, sports, education and careers to transportation, rehabilitation, and relationships.

Stephanie Major sits in front of her computer in her cubicle

For example, Work Without Limits' own Stephanie in her cubicle at work.

Two businessmen pose will sorting files

Two workers pose while sorting files.

Girl with disability smiling at desk talking to co worker

Working at her desk.

Businessmen with disabilities working in office

Businessmen working in their office.

DisabilityImages.com offers a unique experience for people with disabilities, creating a space that showcases their abilities. During the photo session, we highlight a positive experience and photograph people in their own surroundings. Disability Images cleans, color corrects and sizes all images for general publishing.

Photography is a powerful way to express ideas and change any existing stigma surrounding people with disabilities in the workplace and elsewhere. By promoting workplace inclusion through hiring models with real disabilities, Disability Images aims to shed a positive light on living with a disability.

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Author Bio: Mark Hunt and Pat Hunt are the co-owners of DisabilityImages.com.  Both have a long history in the photography business.  Pat owned a photo supply store, gallery, and a stock agency.  Mark is a photographer and a painter, who has owned a stock image production company for a decade.  He is also the owner of Mark Hunt Backdrops.  Mark and Pat are Advisory Board members of Work Without Limits. Disability Images offers corporate sponsors of Work Without Limits a substantial discount on images purchased through disabilityimages.com. For more information contact Pat Hunt at pat@disabilityimages.com