State Street’s Internship Program Assists Students with Disabilities in Building Skills for the Future

State Street’s Internship Program Assists Students with Disabilities in Building Skills for the Future
Monday, November 13, 2017
Kim Ng

Author: Kim Ng, State Street Summer 2017 Intern

Update from Richard Curtis, State Street's VP of Global Inclusion/Workforce Development: "Kim was just offered a full-time position at State Street once she completes her degree at Bentley in the spring. Internships do pave the way for employment! Thank you Joe Buizon at Mass Commission for the Blind for referring Kim to State Street."

I have worked for two summers at State Street as an intern. This year I interned in the accounting department and last year I interned in the treasury department. Both experiences were great opportunities for me to improve upon my skills. The onboarding process was similar for both summers and was fairly painless. The first day of orientation was informative and allowed everyone a chance to interact and network. I was one of the interns that had a second orientation which I thought was helpful, but could use a bit more interaction between the interns.

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During my first internship in the treasury department, my team was very helpful and nice. I interacted with them a fairly decent amount. For tasks, I was responsible for handling sensitive client information to help process daily invoices and performed daily quality checks of clients’ accounts. I also handled monthly distribution reports, monitored the income of clients’ funds, and checked and updated information on the ratings and returns of clients’ funds using Morningstar, an investment research and portfolio analysis platform.

This summer I worked as an intern in the accounting department which required me to complete very different tasks. I was responsible for completing daily checks including running a trade summary macro to check if there was any activity out of the norm, running a fund monitor macro to ensure that the results did not show errors, and completing an end of day unrealized check. I used a State Street accounting system called Multi-Currency Horizon (MCH) to make sure swap trade tickets and swaptions were booked or terminated correctly. Additionally, I facilitated the month end process by using MCH to carry out necessary procedures and made sure that all the funds for the client tied out. I would also encourage future interns to take advantages of the courses State Street offers on iLearn. I have completed several excel courses, among others, all for free.

Although quite different, both summers I interned at State Street were great learning experiences and helped me to improve upon my skill set. 

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Kim was referred to State Street from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind’s (MCB) intern program.

To learn more about MCB and their internship program

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Author Bio: This is Kim Ng’s 2nd year interning with State Street. She is a senior at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts.