State Street Intern Given Opportunity to Network and Grow Career

State Street Intern Given Opportunity to Network and Grow Career
Monday, October 2, 2017
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Author: Aaron Golub, State Street Summer 2017 Intern

Summer internships tend to be what you make of them.  Sometimes you are buried in work and other times you have nothing to do.  This summer at State Street was a success for several reasons.  First, I had many opportunities to network. There have been several events throughout the summer geared towards expanding the knowledge of the interns and providing us with resources to succeed in our careers.  Taking advantage of these events is vital.  The events promote different and unique skills that are of great value.  Second, is the experience that I have gained while working.  Although the summer started off slowly, every week it has progressed and I have been given more responsibility and projects.  Each time I am presented with a task, I tackle it head on and find a way to succeed even if it is difficult.  The last reason is the opportunities this internship has provided.  State Street is a prestigious bank that is an industry leader, and taking advantage of everything it has to offer is an enormous part of the internship. 

If I were to give advice to someone with low vision coming into the program in the future I would say you need to have confidence, be ambitious, and realize that everyone at State Street wants to help you learn and grow.  On a day-to-day basis State Street does an excellent job of accommodating someone with low vision.  One suggestion to support low vision employees or interns in the future would be to communicate what is needed for them to succeed at the job further out from the start date.  It took a while for me to receive the proper software on my computer to allow me to do my day-to-day work, but once I had the software there were no other issues.    

In the end if I was to give one major piece of advice it would be to put yourself out there and network, you never know what will happen.  The first day of the internship as all 300 of us were going through training we were told to reach out to people and network, but don’t go and email Jay Hooley, State Street CEO, he’s not going to respond to everyone as he is really busy.  Seven weeks in I said to myself, on a slow afternoon, “this is a great company and I would love to get to know more people who work here.”  So I started at the top thinking, “why not just send Jay Hooley an email and see if he responds? It can’t hurt.”  Much to my surprise I got a response and a few days later I went to his office to meet with him.  Not only was Jay happy to meet with me, but he was eager to learn about me and tell me about his career.  The moral of this is reach out, take a risk, and have confidence while doing so; you never know who will help you.

Overall this summer at State Street was a success.  I was able to learn and grow my knowledge while networking and enjoying my time.     

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Author Bio: Aaron Golub is from Newton, Massachusetts. He is going into his senior year at Tulane University where he was the first legally blind student-athlete to play in an NCAA football game. He is an applicant for a fulltime State Street position in May 2018.