State Street Helps Intern Realize Full Potential during Summer Internship

State Street Helps Intern Realize Full Potential during Summer Internship
Monday, December 4, 2017
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Author: Keegan Hite, State Street Summer 2017 Intern

Getting from high school to college is always a challenge. This applies whether you live on campus or not. If you commute to school from home, you have to find yourself parking or a good transport system. If you live on campus, then your school cost will double or triple. I am sad to say that from my 40-hour workweek at State Street, both literally and figuratively, I have found the journey from college to work is by no means easier.  

On a daily basis I made an hour and a half commute to Quincy from Melrose, going all the way through Boston on the orange and red lines. I no longer had the time to relax for even a moment to get some free Starbucks Wi-Fi and a coffee. I would have to forgo that for staying on trains all the way to Quincy, and on the way home I would be packed in the 5 o’clock rush hour traffic. Regardless, I made sure to execute my duties at the Transfer Agency dutifully, arriving and leaving at the most precise times I could. Unless I had some other pressing issue, I always tried to make my 40 hours for the week. State Street offers far too many useful insights into the financial world for me to take my duties here lightly. 

Had I done some more negotiating beforehand could I have gone to a different location? Maybe, but I heard about State Street later than most and had to settle for Quincy. In a way, I am thankful. The Transfer Agency of Quincy has a great culture; its employees have given me a lot of help when not bogged down with their own work. Coworkers can’t help you with everything though, especially when it comes to technology.

The sheer size of an organization like State Street means that you will have tech problems at some point. Not connecting to the appropriate sites, refusing to recognize you as an employee, and even having your Internet connection disconnected should you need to go away for a week! I have had it all. The help desk and IT department will be your lifeline at State Street. Write that one down if you want to make your life much easier, as well as ticket numbers if your problem isn’t solved in one call.

Make no mistake, an Internship or permanent job here at State Street will challenge you, whether or not you have to commute for an hour and a half one way like I did. Likewise, these greater challenges provide tangible opportunities for growth both personally and officially on your resume. Ten weeks here has given me an insight into the work a financial organization such as State Street preforms, and the experience needed to transition quickly back into the organization should I wish to return.


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Author Bio: Keegan Hite was referred to State Street’s internship program from Triangle, Inc., and currently attends Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts.