State Street Intern Gains Lifelong Skills Through Summer Program

State Street Intern Gains Lifelong Skills Through Summer Program
Monday, October 16, 2017
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Author: Mike Fulton, State Street Summer 2017 Intern My name is Mike Fulton. I am a rising senior at Western New England University in Springfield, MA, majoring in information technology. I have been visually impaired since birth, and I have had a black lab guide dog named Daquiri from Guiding Eyes for the Blind for 2 years. I wanted to write about my experience in Boston this summer to tell my story and give advice to future interns.

I was very excited when I was offered an internship at State Street to meet new people, gain new knowledge, make new connections, experience working in a corporate environment, and enhance my independent travel skills. When I first came to Boston, I was going to have to independently take the bus to and from work, cross very busy intersections, and try to survive in the process! This was a very daunting prospect, but now that I have experienced it and commute to work on a daily basis, the feeling of independence and confidence is absolutely incredible. I am more confident than I ever was before. I now have the confidence to independently take the bus to and from work, while dealing with some interesting Bostonians, soaking rains, hot temperatures, construction, and lots of other obstacles.

Let’s talk a little about the interesting people in Boston. This is based on an actual conversation I had one day while waiting for the bus.

      Stranger: “So, you’re blind?”

      Me: “Yes, I have been since birth.”

      Stranger: “So, do you have a servant?”

      Me: “What?”

      Stranger: “You know, to help you get dressed and stuff.”

      Me: “Yes, you didn’t know that I’m the Lord of Boston?”

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People also seem to have an uncontrollable urge to pet my guide dog while she is working. One person even argued with me, saying that she was not working because we were standing still!

I find that the general public thinks that blind people are not capable of doing anything. I think this is because they are just not educated. While some experiences have definitely made me laugh, I try to use these opportunities to educate people, and to teach them that we are just as capable as any sighted person.  You can do anything that you set your mind to if you have the willpower. I never pictured myself living in a city, but now I love it and want to move to Boston after I graduate college.               

Perkins School For the Blind Job Fair

If you would like to meet Michael Fulton, and other qualified candidates like him, please sign up to attend and recruit at Perkins School for the Blind’s Job Fair for Individuals with Visual Impairments on October 25th.


Read Work Without Limits’ “Quick Tips: Visual Disabilities and Service Animals” for great etiquette tips!



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Author Bio: Michael Fulton is part of the Carroll Center for the Blind’s college internship program and interned at State Street’s IT department during the Summer of 2017.  Michael is going into his senior year of college and is applying to State Street for spring 2018 opportunities.  Michael is a JAWS user and has assisted State Street with system accessibility testing for low vision and blind employees. JAWS is a screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse.