Disability Inclusion and The Workplace

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Published Monday, November 20, 2017
Man being interviewed in suit

Author: Kathy Petkauskos, Director of Work Without Limits

Disclosing a disability to an employer for the purpose of requesting an accommodation is a complex decision that bears with it both benefits and risks to the individual. A person may self-identify informally when they feel confident in doing so and as part of their core beliefs in overall identity sharing. They feel comfortable in sharing this information as a part of who they are as a person. This is a personal decision and a totally voluntary action.

Published Monday, November 13, 2017
Kim Ng

Author: Kim Ng, State Street Summer 2017 Intern
I have worked for two summers at State Street as an intern. This year I interned in the accounting department and last year I interned in the treasury department. Both experiences were great opportunities for me to improve upon my skills.

Published Monday, November 6, 2017
Circular Blu logo with up-cycled tote bags on a background of fall leaves

Author: Jonathan Flanders, Co-Founder at Circular Blu LLC

There are companies whose sole purpose is to profit, and then there are companies that set out to change the world. Upcycled tote bags may be what Circular Blu is currently known for, but their vision goes far beyond that…to create a circular economy that works, while at the same time putting disadvantaged and underserved people to work. That is why, effective immediately, Circular Blu is very proud to announce that a portion of all proceeds from the sales of our tote bags will be donated to Work Without Limits to support their mission of advancing the careers of people with disabilities. Jonathan Flanders, Circular Blu Co-Owner and Chief Innovation Officer states, “It is really important that people vote with their dollars by making socially and environmentally beneficial consumer decisions. Aligning our mission with that of Work Without Limits enables us to expand and provide increasingly larger support for the amazing work they do."