Work Without Limits establishes relationships with educational institutions, community-based organizations and government agencies that provide employment services to individuals with disabilities. We call these organizations our Community Partners, the purpose of which is to connect them and the job seekers they represent to the disability-inclusive employers that are part of the business network we manage called Disability:IN Massachusetts. Employer members of Disability:IN Massachusetts have job and intern opportunities available and are committed to including people with disabilities in their workplaces.  To learn more about becoming a Work Without Limits Community Partner, contact Kathy Muhr at or 508-856-3533.

Work Without Limits also offers a variety of other training, consulting and capacity building services for employment service organizations. Learn more about our service offerings below.


Work Without Limits offers a number of opportunities for our Community Partners to connect with employers that are committed to including people with disabilities in their workplaces. When you sign up with Work Without Limits, you receive an exclusive invitation to join our private LinkedIn group that includes leading disability inclusive employers seeking to connect with qualified candidates with disabilities. Also, through our monthly e-newsletter, you will receive pertinent, up-to-date information and resources. 

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Administrative Employment Network

The Work Without Limits Administrative Employment Network (AEN) provides the administrative functions that allow community-based organizations to access payments through the Social Security Ticket to Work program. The AEN also offers on-going benefits counseling to support Social Security beneficiaries as they work and increase their earnings.

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Training & Consulting

Training for employment service providers address a number of topics related to some of the biggest employment challenges that people with disabilities face including how work income affects public benefits such as SSI, SSDI, Medicare and Medicaid. We also offer training for job developers and employment specialists on how to effectively engage employers.

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Work Without Limits offers information and resources to employment service providers and community organizations including information and tip sheets, resource guides and links to local and national organizations.

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