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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Training and Consulting for Employers

The Work Without Limits team of disability experts and consultants provide a wide range of training and consulting services for employers. These services support the entire employment process from recruitment and hiring to accommodation, performance management and career advancement.

Employer Training Offerings:

All trainings are appropriate for executives, managers, supervisors, recruiters, human resources, and diversity professionals of all group sizes and delivered as 1 hour modules unless offered in combination.

Disability Sensitivity (Pick a Disability)

This highly interactive and impactful module examines the common fears, misconceptions and stereotypes that surround people with disability. This experience demonstrates how easily emotional reactions to disabilities can be transferred to the work setting, and how attitudes can affect the willingness to hire individuals with disabilities. Taken from the Tilting at Windmills disability awareness and sensitivity training program, this experience is:

    • guaranteed to evoke participation ranging from simply raising one's hand and being counted to sharing personal and professional experiences and insights from the group
    • often used as an ice-breaker for disability inclusion training programs

Disability Awareness & Etiquette

This highly informative module examines current disability statistics, ADA definitions, and the value proposition for employing individuals with disabilities. Attendees will also explore and exercise best practices and tips for engaging people with all types of disabilities in both personal and professional settings. Through the use of case studies, large and small group interactive exercises, mini-lecture, videos, and a reference guide, topics include:

    • defining disability and exploring why individuals with disabilities are an asset to the workplace
    • the importance of ‘person-first’ language and how the words we use convey our thoughts and beliefs
    • ensuring effective and positive interactions occur with everyone you meet- how to avoid offending someone
    • offering and providing assistance
    • guidelines for interacting with persons with specific types of disabilities including apparent disabilities such as vision, hearing and mobility impairments as well as mental health, learning and other non-apparent disabilities

Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities

Disability Etiquette training is recommended as a prerequisite

This interactive module gives clarity and confidence to hiring professionals in preparation for and during interviews with candidates with disabilities. Case studies of real-life situations that may arise in the workplace are presented and worked on in both large and small groups; mini-lectures and detailed reference guides also cover key topic areas:

    • what can and cannot be asked in an interview
    • the difference between interview skills and the skills to do the job
    • effective engagement in the interactive process to determine the need for accommodations in preparation for the interview and on the job 

Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees with Disabilities

Disability Etiquette training is recommended as a prerequisite

This interactive module gives clarity and confidence to supervising professionals in preparation for and during performance reviews with employees with disabilities. In addition to receiving a clear, concise review on the essentials of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including key terms and considerations such as essential job functions and the interactive process for determining reasonable accommodations, other topics include:

    • performance improvement plans
    • conduct issues
    • engaging internal and/or external resources
    • the disclosure of a disability during a performance discussion
    • what to do when accommodations are not effective and performance does not improve


Consulting Services – contact us for a customized proposal

We offer robust consultative services that evaluate your company’s current status of disability inclusion employment practices. Throughout the consultative process, we provide clear direction and actionable, measurable next steps to becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’. Deliverables include an assessment of current disability initiatives and employment practices, a pragmatic set of recommendations, and plan of action including recommended resources to achieve success in the disability employment arena.


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