Meet our Partners – Disability Serving Organizations

Meet our Partners – Disability Serving Organizations

Asperger / Autism Network (AANE)

AANE Works with individuals, families, and professionals to help people with Asperger Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles build meaningful, connected lives. AANE provides information, education, community support, and advocacy, all in an atmosphere of validation and respect. AANE works with job seekers individually through our LifeMAP Coaching programs and offers a monthly Employment Support Group.

Contact: Nataliya Poto, LifeMAP Program Director
Phone: 617-393-3824 x19


BenePLAN assists individuals with disabilities, in particular those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), to understand how working and earning or increasing wages impacts these and other public benefits. If you are currently receiving SSDI and/or SSI due to a disability and have questions about how your benefits will be affected by going to work or increasing your hours or pay, our team of highly skilled and experienced Community Work Incentives Coordinators (CWICs) can help. BenePLAN is a program of Work Without Limits at the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Disability, Health and Employment Policy unit. BenePLAN CWICs are trained and certified by Virginia Commonwealth University and possess extensive experience in employment and benefits.

Phone: 877-YES-WORK (937-9675)

Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The Boston Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a research, training, and service organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons who have psychiatric disabilities. Their work is guided by the most basic of rehabilitation values, that first and foremost, persons with psychiatric disabilities have the same goals and dreams as any other person. The Center's mission is to increase the likelihood that they can achieve these goals by improving the effectiveness of people, programs, and service systems using strategies based on the core values of recovery and rehabilitation.

Contact: Dori Hutchinson, Director of Services
Phone: 617-353-3549

The Carroll Center for the Blind

The Carroll Center is located in Newton, Massachusetts, provides training and adaptive devices to individuals of all ages who have lost their sight so they can live independent and fulfilling lives. The Carroll Center’s job placement team helps those entering the job market for the first time as well as those who are re-entering employment after a vision loss. Additional services include job retention, computer and mobility training, and job coaching. A range of programs including on-the-job internships are available in a wide variety of industries and businesses and provide the opportunity to develop skills and confidence while job searching. In addition, the Carroll Center supports employers through the provision of educational seminars, evaluation of worksites for accessibility, and assistance locating potential employees.

Contact: Marianne Gilmore, Workforce Development Specialist
Phone: 617-969-6200 x247

Easter Seals Massachusetts

Easter Seals Massachusetts provides services to ensure that children and adults with disabilities have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play. Nonprofit and nonsectarian, Easter Seals offers technological assistance, employment and training services, recreational activities, youth transition and leadership programs, veterans' services, rehabilitation services and public awareness programs.

Contact: Paul M. Medeiros, CEO
Phone: 508-751-6348

Epilepsy Foundation New England

The Epilepsy Foundation New England serves Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Its mission is to stop seizures and SUDEP, find a cure and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy through efforts including education, advocacy and research to accelerate ideas into therapies. The foundation is an independent affiliate of the national office of the Epilepsy Foundation.

Contact: Jane A. Jewell, Program Development Specialist
Phone: 617-506-6047

Forward Motion Coaching

Forward Motion Coaching is the private practice of Barbara Bissonnette, who provides career development coaching for individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and similar autism spectrum profiles. Services include career exploration, interview preparation, disclosure strategies, and assistance for those who face challenges on the job. Barbara also provides training for vocational rehabilitation specialists, job developers and career counselors, including the seminar, Finding Employment that Works for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome. She is the author of the award-winning Complete Guide to Getting a Job for People with Asperger’s Syndrome; the Asperger’s Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide; and Helping Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome Get & Stay Hired: Career Coaching Strategies for Professionals and Parents of Adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Contact: Barbara Bissonnette, Principal
Phone: 617-690-2127

Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC)

For more than three decades, the MDSC has ensured that all individuals in Massachusetts with Down syndrome are valued, included, and given every opportunity to pursue fulfilling lives. The MDSC offers a broad array of programs to serve people with Down syndrome and their families throughout the state, including: our signature Parent’s First Call Program, a volunteer, state-wide group of trained parent mentors available 24/7 that is a national model; two major annual conferences that draw national and international experts in their fields; a Buddy Walk® Program that includes 3 Buddy Walks throughout the state; Self-Advocate Programs like Advocates in Motion and our Self-Advocate Advisory Council, which provide opportunities for teens and adults with Down syndrome while making empowerment a central component. The MDSC recently launched a major public awareness campaign, called Your Next Star, which aims to open the eyes of employers in Massachusetts to the power of people with Down syndrome in the workplace.

Contact: Joshua Komyerov, Communications & Operations Director 
Phone: 781-221-0024 x202

Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

Through our training and work programs, youth services, and retail and business enterprises, Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries (Goodwill) helps to equip individuals with the tools necessary to meet new challenges and create more rewarding and independent lives. Goodwill maintains its high service standards by hiring talented, driven, and compassionate employees who bring forth diverse and distinctive experiences and ideas, and are committed to achieving Goodwill’s mission. We offer a one-of-a-kind career experience with opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.

Contact: Melissa Rosales, Human Resources Generalist
Phone: 617-541-1437

Transitions to Work

Transitions to Work provides a 12 week intensive skill training and internship program, placement services, and ongoing support for participants and employers. Transitions to Work engages employers as corporate partners to consider adults with disabilities as qualified, committed candidates for appropriate employment opportunities and to raise awareness about inclusive hiring. Transitions to Work graduates earn jobs that provide earnings and a sense of purpose. Eligible participants for the program are between the ages of 18 and 35, have a documented disability, and are excited to find a job.

Transitions to Work is a collaboration among the Ruderman Family Foundation, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, and Jewish Vocational Service. It is also funded in part by a grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.

Contact: Beth Tauro, Business Community Liaison
Phone: 617-457-8761

Triangle, Inc.

Through support, challenge, and opportunity, Triangle empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. We are committed to helping the world realize that we are all people with ability.

Contact: Jeff Gentry, Director of Transition and Community Services
Phone: 781-388-4357

UCP of Berkshire County

UCP of Berkshire County believes that all persons with disabilities deserves to live a “Life without Limits.” We serve persons with various programming throughout Western Massachusetts. Our programming includes early intervention and children’s services; general advocacy; family support services; adult family care services; assistive technology and even radio programming (Berkshire Talking Chronicle) designed specifically for persons with disabilities.

Contact: Sal Garozzo, Executive Director
Phone: 413-442-1562