Meet Our Partners – Massachusetts State Organizations

Meet Our Partners – Massachusetts State Organizations

Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS)

The mission of the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) is to be the chief advocate for the nearly half-million veterans of the Commonwealth and their families. DVS establishes policy, proposes legislation, ensures that adequate funding for veterans’ programs is included in the Governor’s budget, and represents the interests of veterans in matters coming before the General Court. In addition, DVS represents all state agencies and individual veterans before the federal Department of Veterans Affairs in securing federal compensation and other benefits that might be available. Specific veteran resources can be found at: The MassVets Advisors and the Massachusetts Department of Veteran Services including local Veterans' Services Officers (VSO) who work out of local City or Town Halls.

Contact: Chris King, Veteran Employment
Phone: 571-442-1133

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB)

MCB provides the highest quality rehabilitation and social services to individuals who are legally blind, leading to independence and full community participation. MCB accomplishes this critical mission by working in partnership with consumers who are legally blind, families, community agencies, health care providers, and employers.

Contact: Carol A. Cullins, Employment Services Specialist
Phone: 617-626-7506