Work Without Limits provides training and consulting for employers to help build their capacity to successfully include individuals with disabilities in their work places, as well as for employment service providers to help address some of the biggest employment challenges that people with disabilities face.

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Upcoming Provider Training Opportunities

Work Without Limits is building out our Fall & Winter 2019 Training Calendar. Please check back regularly for upcoming trainings.

For Businesses

Training for employers include Disability Sensitivity, Disability Awareness, Disability Etiquette, Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities, and Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees with Disabilities. All trainings are suitable for executives, managers, supervisors, recruiters, human resources, and diversity professionals of all group sizes.

For Providers

Training for employment service providers address a number of topics related to some of the biggest employment challenges that people with disabilities face including how work income affects public benefits such as Social Security Insurance (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Medicare and Medicaid. We also offer training for job developers and employment specialists on how to effectively engage employers around hiring individuals with disabilities.


Supporting Employees with Mental Health Challenges (3 hours)

Supporting employees with mental health challenges is a return on investment as mental health disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. Despite this fact, workplaces and supervisors struggle on how to…  Read More >

Great Minds Don’t Have to Think Alike: The Value of Workplace Neurodiversity

Workplaces involve many different kinds of diversity such as race, gender, and sexual orientation but often do not give equal focus to disability and in particular, neurodiversity – valuing differences in how people think and…  Read More >

Supporting the Career Development of College Students with Mental Health Conditions (2 hours)

Today’s college students, also known as the igeneration, are accomplished, tech natives and driven. Yet as many as 30% live with mental health conditions that can challenge their career path through college and beyond. This…  Read More >

Disability Etiquette (1 hour)

This highly requested workshop has attendees explore and exercise best practices and tips for engaging people with all types of disabilities in both personal and professional settings. Through the use of mini-lectures, videos, and case…  Read More >

Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees with Disabilities (1 hour)

Disability Etiquette training is recommended as a prerequisite This targeted workshop gives clarity and confidence to supervising professionals in preparation for and during performance reviews with employees with disabilities. Participants will receive a concise review…  Read More >

Consulting Services

For Employers

We offer robust consultative services that evaluate your company’s current status of disability inclusion employment practices. Throughout the consultative process we provide clear direction and actionable, measurable next steps to becoming an ‘Employer of Choice’ for people with disabilities. Deliverables include an assessment of current disability initiatives and employment practices, a pragmatic set of recommendations and plan of action including recommended resources to achieve success in the disability employment arena.

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For Employment Service Providers and Government Agencies

We provide consulting and technical assistance to private and public organizations on: organization infrastructure development and support; develop products and materials, create branding and messaging, disseminate best practices; convene and facilitate multi-stakeholder meetings; develop databases; curriculum development, education and training, organize conferences, provide direct training, train-the-trainers; program evaluation and research, qualitative and quantitative, develop measures, data collection tools, and outcome indicators; conduct analyses of state and federal policies and generate recommendations; stakeholder outreach, engagement and ongoing support.

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