Great Minds Don’t Have to Think Alike: The Value of Workplace Neurodiversity

Workplaces involve many different kinds of diversity such as race, gender, and sexual orientation but often do not give equal focus to disability and in particular, neurodiversity – valuing differences in how people think and work. “Neurodiversity” is an umbrella term that can include ADHD, autism/Asperger’s syndrome, or a learning difference such as dyslexia. In this 2-hour workshop, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to see autism in the workplace from the perspective of neurodiversity. This foundational training supports organizations on how to access the unique talents of neurodiverse employees and how to build a more inclusive workplace culture that is supportive of neurodiversity. Through interactive group activities and exercises, participants will gain an understanding of the value neurodiversity brings to the workplace and practice neurodiverse inclusion methodologies.

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe neurodiversity and articulate the value proposition for including neurodiverse employees in the workplace
  • Apply the benefits of Autism Spectrum Disorder-related profiles to address workplace needs
  • Describe 10 best practices for managing neurodiverse employees to create a workplace culture supportive of neurodiversity