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Work Without Limits is a network of employers, educational institutions, employment service providers, state and federal agencies, individuals with disabilities, and their family members. Through collaboration and partnership, our goal is to increase the employment of people with disabilities until it is equal to those without disabilities. Work Without Limits programs and services are geared to meet the needs of employers that actively recruit people with disabilities as employees and in their supply chains, individuals with disabilities who are seeking jobs, and the employment service providers that serve them.

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We could not accomplish our goals without the support of the members of our Business Network. Work Without Limits truly appreciates the commitment of all the organizations listed below, for their dedication to making their workplaces truly inclusive, and for all their support and assistance toward advancing our mission of equal employment for people with disabilities.

Gold Members

American Tower


Boston Childrens Hospital

Boston University

Eastern bank




Museum of Science



Tufts Medicine

Training & Consulting

Work Without Limits provides training and consulting services to help build the capacity of employers, employment service providers, state agency personnel, and educational institutions in advancing workplace disability inclusion. 

Training for employers include:

  • Disability Etiquette
  • Disability Awareness: What is Disability and Why it Matters to Business
  • Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities
  • Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees with Disabilities
  • Supporting Employees with Mental Health Challenges
  • Taking Care of your Mental Health During Challenging Times
  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace
  • Disability Sensitivity

Training for employment service providers address a number of topics related to some of the biggest employment challenges that people with disabilities face including:

  • Nuts & Bolts of SSI and SSDI, Public Health Insurance and Other Public Benefits
  • Disability Benefits and Transition Aged Youth
  • Overview of Social Security Work Incentives for Families and Persons Served
  • Basics of Social Security Work Incentives for Providers
  • Understanding Corporate Disability Inclusion Practices
  • Plan to Achieve Self Support (PASS) Intensive

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