Consulting Services

Diversity is not just a nice to have in business – it is imperative to drive innovation, deliver products and services that are relevant and resonate with customers, and enhance organizational culture and productivity. The business case for including people with disabilities in business is well documented and Work Without Limits provides practical guidance, education, opportunities and connections to help you achieve your disability inclusion goals regardless of your self-assessed beginner, intermediate or advanced status.


Through our Consulting Services, we bring disability inclusion subject matter expertise, resources, and experience designed to enhance and accelerate your organization’s strategic disability inclusion goals. Whether you are in the private or public sector, big or small in size, or have short or long term goals, all engagements will provide:

  • a clear assessment of your organization’s position along the continuum of disability inclusion
  • a set of recommendations and actionable, measurable next steps that will lay a solid foundation for future disability inclusion recruitment, programming, and success

Engagement Examples

  • Getting started with Disability Inclusion (Beginner)
  • Becoming an Employer of Choice for People with Disabilities (Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment - examines both your attitudinal and structural disability inclusion opportunities
  • Disability Inclusion Action Planning - provides a customized blueprint to help position your organization for inclusive success
  • Self-Identification Campaigns
  • Disability Business/Employee Resource Groups
  • Recruitment Pipeline Support through Community Partnerships
  • Inclusive branding and messaging analysis of websites, communications, campaigns, curriculum, job descriptions, procedures, etc.
  • Ongoing “as needed” technical support for disability inclusion questions and initiatives


What Employers Are Saying...
“Our partnership with Work Without Limits established a solid infrastructure for our disability inclusion initiative. Work Without Limits has been an invaluable partner from the beginning, consulting with us to evaluate our current inclusion practices and to create goals and project plans as well as training our employees and supervisors on both coasts!”