Work Without Limits is an initiative out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS).  

Our goal is to position Massachusetts as the first state in the nation where the employment rate of people with disabilities is equal to people without disabilities.

Who We Are

Work Without Limits is a network of employers, educational institutions, employment service providers, and state and federal agencies.

Through collaboration and partnership, our goal is to increase the employment of people with disabilities until it is equal to those without disabilities.

Work Without Limits programs and services are geared to meet the needs of businesses that actively recruit people with disabilities, individuals with disabilities who are seeking jobs, and the employment providers that serve them.

We provide training and consulting services to help build the capacity of employers, employment service providers, state agency personnel, and educational institutions in advancing workplace disability inclusion.

An affiliate of Disability:IN, Work Without Limits coordinates Disability:IN Massachusetts – a consortium of employers that share best practices and build confidence and success through their commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities as employees, customers, and suppliers. Private and public-sector businesses join Disability:IN Massachusetts by becoming Corporate Sponsors of Work Without Limits.

Our Benefits Counseling service assists individuals with disabilities to understand how work earnings or wage increases affect eligibility for public benefits, such as SSI, SSDI, Medicaid and/or Medicare.

Our Administrative Employment Network (AEN) provides the administrative functions that allow community based organizations to access payments through the Social Security Ticket to Work program. The AEN also offers on-going benefits counseling to support Social Security beneficiaries as they work and increase their earnings.

We offer educational and networking events for employers, employment service providers, and individuals with disabilities. Our events include our annual Raise The Bar HIRE conference and two career fairs, as well as an annual Disability Mentoring Day where Disability:IN Massachusetts member companies host job seekers for a day of career exploration, mentoring, and networking.

Our History


In 2008, members of Massachusetts state government, the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS), and other key stakeholders formed a partnership with the help of a federal grant. They began a strategic planning effort to maximize employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Massachusetts, and to address the barriers keeping them from finding work. From these efforts, Work Without Limits was established.

Thanks to the unwavering support of UMMS, our Founding Corporate Partners and all our Corporate Sponsors, we have not only been able to sustain Work Without Limits beyond the initial federal grant funding but have also expanded our programs and services to help achieve our goal of equal employment for people with disabilities.

Meet Our Staff

Kathy Petkauskos Headshot
Kathy Petkauskos
Director, Work Without Limits
Bonnie Rivers Headshot
Bonnie Rivers
Director of Employer Relations
Kathy Muhr Headshot
Kathy Muhr
Director of Community Engagement
Lynn DeCouto
Marketing and Communications Manager
Peter Travisano Headshot
Peter Travisano, CPWIC
Manager, Administrative Employment Network
Marjorie Longo Headshot
Marjorie Longo, CPWIC
Project Associate, Administrative Employment Network
Brian Forsythe Headshot
Brian Forsythe, CWIC
Project Coordinator, Benefits Counseling
Winnie Siano Headshot
Winnie Siano, CWIC
Project Coordinator, Benefits Counseling
Nicole Henry Headshot
Nicole Henry
Project Assistant
Stephanie Major Headshot
Stephanie Major
Administrative Support