Kathy Petkauskos Headshot
Kathy Petkauskos (she/her)
Director, Work Without Limits
Kathleen A. Petkauskos is the director of Work Without Limits and oversees all its staff, programs, and services including the business network, training and consulting, all events including conferences, career fairs and disability mentoring days, benefits counseling services, and its employment network under Social Security’s Ticket to Work program. Under her direction, Work Without Limits received the UMass Chancellor’s Award for exemplifying the mission of the medical school and the Northeast Human Resources Association’s Diversity Champion Award for consistently demonstrating an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Ms. Petkauskos is an inductee of the Susan M. Daniels National Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame and has extensive VR experience including vocational evaluation, supported employment, benefits planning, and job placement for people with disabilities. Prior to coming to UMass, Ms. Petkauskos was president of the Massachusetts Project With Industry, Inc., dba Resource Partnership, a private non-profit organization that engaged and educated employers and assisted individuals with a wide range of disabilities to secure employment. Ms. Petkauskos has an associate degree in Physical Therapy and certificates in Vocational Evaluation from Assumption College and Non-profit Finance and Administration from Suffolk University.