Creating Accessible Word Documents 101 (1 hour)

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge and experience using a current version of Microsoft Word for Windows

This foundational training is appropriate for anyone interested in learning basic Word document accessibility. This training will include a discussion of why document accessibility matters. Participants will learn about Word styles including heading and list styles, making thoughtful decisions around using color and other text formatting, ensuring that images are accessible, and utilizing Word’s built-in Accessibility Checker. The rationale for including these important accessibility features will be explained and the steps necessary to apply these formatting attributes will be shown. Practices that document authors should avoid and features that are preserved when converting from Word to PDF format will also be addressed. A screen reader demonstration will provide participants with a better understanding of how document accessibility can impact an end user’s experience. Attendees will receive a detailed electronic resource with step-by-step instructions for future reference.

After completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe why document accessibility matters and how it contributes to more inclusive communications
  • Explain the importance of headings, lists, color and text formatting considerations, and accessible images
  • Apply heading and list styles, describe important color and text formatting considerations, and insert accessible images in Word documents
  • Locate and use Word’s built-in Accessibility Checker