Disability Benefits and Transition Age Youth (2 hours)

This 2-hour training provides information related to the significant benefit changes that young adults with disabilities need to understand as they approach adulthood including the mandatory SSI Age-18 redetermination process, how adult benefits differ from childhood-related benefits under both Social Security programs (SSI and SSDI), and how changes to public health insurance can There is a special emphasis on young-adult- related programs and work incentives such as Section 301 (Continued Payment under a Vocational Rehabilitation Program or Similar Program), the Student Earned Income Exclusion (SEIE) for individuals 21 and younger on SSI, and how a PASS Plan can help young adults leverage financial resources to fund education that may give them a head start on their career goals. Participants receive a set of training materials and a certificate of completion. This training is appropriate for case managers and other staff that work closely with transition age youth.

Learning Objectives
After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate through the redetermination process and changes to public health insurance
  • Differentiate adult benefits from childhood benefits under both SSI and SSDI
  • Utilize work incentives that support young adults with educational and employment goals