Disability Etiquette (1 hour)

This highly requested workshop has attendees explore and exercise best practices and tips for engaging people with all types of disabilities in both personal and professional settings. Through the use of mini-lectures, videos, and case studies, participants will be able to:

  • articulate the importance of ‘person-first’ language and demonstrate related language do’s and don’ts
  • describe basic norms for interacting with co-workers with specific types of disabilities including apparent disabilities such as vision, hearing and mobility impairments as well as mental health, learning and other non-apparent disabilities
  • practice positive and effective strategies for handling diverse situations, offering to help and avoiding offending someone



“I think this is something that everyone, everywhere should take as a course on personal/professional growth.” – State Street employee

“I like that we got the opportunity to test our knowledge with the case studies.” – Boston University employee

“On behalf of the disAbilities Awareness Network and Wellington Management, we want to sincerely thank and express our gratitude to you for taking time to speak with us this morning about disability etiquette. We all benefitted from the engaging session and your deep expertise and took away many lessons about disabilities in the workplace, how we can have an impact by being person-first (#ATP!), and best practices for hiring. We wish you all the best in the coming months, and look forward to connecting again soon!”

“That session was truly awesome and super helpful in terms of providing education and awareness for employees.  Loved all the scenarios and it’s a great way to really help folks understand etiquette around this topic.” – Shauna Thompson,  Assistant Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion- Human Resources @ Brown Brothers Harriman