Overview of Social Security Work Incentives for Families and Persons Served (2 hours)

This 2-hour training highlights the main barriers to employment for Social Security disability beneficiaries. Participants are educated on existing work incentives, reporting requirements, beneficiary rights and employment support programs that help them realize work is possible. A variety of community resources are shared so that individuals know where and how to obtain the appropriate supports to assist in making informed decisions about employment and benefits. This training is designed to address concerns of persons served and family members.


Training Feedback:

“I didn’t know much about SSI and SSDI going into this workshop. This gave me a good understanding of them both and gave me some material to process.”

“Overall, very helpful. Presented a lot of confusing info in an easy to understand way. Thank you.”

“Everyone had the same questions that I had and they were answered thoroughly.”

“It allowed participants to ask questions out of scope, but was quick to bring it back to topic.”

“Information was presented in an organized, easy-to-understand way.”

“Great overview, with anecdotes that shed deeper light.”