This training is developed and delivered in collaboration with Dori S. Hutchinson, Sc.D., CPRP, CFRP, Executive Director/Director of Services Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University.

It has been several years of ongoing and often intense change – a global pandemic, altered work schedules and environments, political and social justice tensions- they all have had and continue to have, a powerful impact on our mental health and functioning in our personal lives and at work. Supporting employees’ mental health and wellbeing is a return on investment as mental health disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. Workplaces and supervisors are often uncomfortable or unsure of best practices to build a culture that supports mental health as the foundation for successful employment and wellbeing. During this interactive training, we will discuss key strategies and best practices staff and leaders can implement, promote, and provide to support wellness & resiliency.

After completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the psychological impact of distress, mental health conditions and chronic stress can have on individual and workplace functioning.
  • Identify at least 3 strategies for promoting positive mental health and increased resiliency.
  • Recognize the signs of a mental health condition in the workplace.
  • Utilize a key communication strategy to assist employees to seek assistance and reasonable accommodations.
  • Identify key messaging and language to promote the mental health of all employees and create a work culture that is inclusive and supportive.