Supporting the Career Development of College Students with Mental Health Conditions (2 hours)

Today’s college students, also known as the iGeneration, are accomplished, tech natives and driven. Yet as many as 35% live with mental health conditions that can challenge their career path through college and beyond. This 2 hour workshop will provide employment service providers and college staff an overview of how mental health conditions can impact the educational and employment skill development of college students as well as key strategies for providers to help students achieve their main goals. Reasonable accommodations, wellness management and supervisory strategies will be discussed.

After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the interconnection of academics, employment and mental health in college students
  • Gain a toolbox of strategies to help college students achieve their career goals
  • Feel empowered to communicate with students about wellness management strategies to support their career development
  • Present their personal dilemmas with students and receive consultation on best practices to support that person


“The speaker was incredibly knowledgeable, but also very thoughtful and sensitive about the topic and towards audience-members’ personal sharing.”

“I liked best the integration – the integrity of the examples shared being based on personal experience of working in higher ed, supported by excellent research.”

“I appreciated meeting as both students and adults. It was very meaningful getting to let down the professional side and learn together and from each other.”

“The articulation of the idea that rather than further stressors to a person with a mental health condition, having a job actually helps that person to have decreased symptoms. Jobs help give us meaning and structure and therefore would be combative when it comes these issues.”

“It was a great event, which highlighted the challenges but also offered some practical ways we can support students. More of this please.”