The Nuts and Bolts of SSI and SSDI, Public Health Insurance and Other Public Benefits

(In-person: 11 hours, Virtual: 10.5 hours)

This comprehensive training provides detailed information on both Social Security disability benefit programs (Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)), work incentives and health insurance (Medicare and Medicaid) associated with each program, and other public benefits that are available. This training is typically provided in one of two ways.

1. In-Person: three segments over two consecutive days, one full day and one half day

2. Virtual: three segments over three consecutive half-days (3 1/2 hours each day, typically mornings)

The first segment focuses on the SSI program and how its work incentives are available to certain subsets of the beneficiary population and demonstrates how each incentive can reduce, to some degree, the impact that work income normally has on SSI cash benefits. The SSI monthly calculation is reviewed and is the basis of one of the training’s major group activities.

The second segment focuses on the SSDI program and demonstrates how use of its associated work incentives may delay case closure, prolong the continuation of cash benefits, preserve public health insurance, or help reinstate cash and healthcare benefits to former beneficiaries.

The last segment focuses on eligibility requirements and dispute resolution processes of health insurance available to recipients of SSI and SSDI including Medicare, MassHealth Standard, CommonHealth, and One Care, and the benefits of the Medicaid-Buy In program for working beneficiaries. We also explore various other public benefits including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Subsidized Housing, Emergency Assistance to Elderly Disabled and Children (EAEDC), and Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC).

Participants receive a comprehensive set of training materials, including an SSI calculation tool that can be used to assist beneficiaries in planning and managing their return to work.

This training is appropriate for case managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employment specialists and other staff that work closely with SSI and SSDI recipients to achieve employment goals.


“Brian is a fabulous presenter who most definitely knows his information. He explained everything clearly and with visuals that we can continue to use in our jobs with our clients.” – DEAF, Inc. employee

“We are very appreciative of the level of work that has gone into building your curriculum. The topic in general leaves much to be desired, but presenters like Brian makes it all the more palatable! Thank you for all you do.” -Jill Hatcher, DEAF, Inc.

“It broke down SSI, SSDI and other benefits into sizeable chunks of information. Each day covered a separate topic. Continue doing it this way.”

“I liked that there was a deep dive into the details and working relationships with all “systems”. I love that it was interactive, questions were encouraged and addressed in the moment rather than held until the end and Brian was invested in making sure attendees understood what was being said.”

“The presentation was clear and Brian was wonderful to explain things in a way that folks who don’t know everything can understand it and follow him. This training gave me that “aha moment” and everything clicked.”

“Just a great training to understand some very complex things that can be quite dry. I never lost interest and Brian could really answer any questions asked. His knowledge base is tremendous.”

“I better understand SSI and SSDI benefits, the reporting process, and feel more comfortable demonstrating to my clients the benefit to working. Also gained some information on where to direct them for more help.”

“The SSI calculation tool is a HUGE help. The slides and other handouts are great references to hold onto for questions in the future.”

“Being a small agency I am very glad to know that I can have experts help the job seekers determine how to best maximize their incomes at no cost to them or the agency.”

“This was one of the best trainings I have had the opportunity to take.” – DMH Attendee