The Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Intensive (7 hours)

This 7-hour training provides in-depth information and tools to assist Social Security beneficiaries to write, submit and maintain a Plan PASS plan. PASS plans help qualified individuals pay for key expenses related to achieving vocational goals, including education, transportation and equipment. The ultimate goal of a PASS is to assist beneficiaries to reach self-sufficiency by becoming independent of benefits.

This training is designed to give participants the information required to complete the PASS plan application process through analysis of a successful PASS plan used as an example throughout the training and by learners applying acquired concepts for developing a framework of a PASS plan. This training provides a brief review of SSI and SSDI, but assumes participants have a working knowledge of Social Security disability benefits.

Participants receive a comprehensive set of training materials and a certificate of completion. This training is appropriate for employment specialists and other staff that work closely with persons served to achieve employment goals.