Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA)

"Thank you so much. Taking care of my daughter is my priority in life. I really appreciate all your information and honesty. Unfortunately these things are not always clear cut or easily discernible. I will definitely be in touch with you. You are terrific. Thank you again!"

"As an employment specialist, I love knowing that I can just pick up the phone and call Work Without Limits at any time, with any question, and I know with confidence that they will return my call with an answer. Thank you all for what you do. You make a difference every day!"

"This program should be a funded mandate!"

"The program is operating as an efficient and well-organized machine. It has been highly critical in making the transition to work an actual possibility for the vast majority of my customers."

“My Benefits Counselor was easy to talk to, caring, and highly informed. They were very thorough, answered my questions, and encouraged me to follow-up as needed.”

"My benefits specialist provided accurate and timely information in a friendly and respectful manner. I would have no hesitation calling again for support!"

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