Work Without Limits Employment Network (EN)

Does your organization provide employment support services for individuals with disabilities?
Would you like to receive added revenue to serve those individuals?
We provide all the support your organization needs to receive revenue for the Ticket To Work program. You do what you do best. We do the rest!
The Work Without Limits Employment Network (EN) provides all of the administrative functions needed for community-based vocational rehabilitation programs and employers to generate revenue through the Ticket to Work program.
  • We are approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as an Employment Network (EN) through SSA’s Ticket to Work program.
  • SSA provides payments to approved ENs as individuals achieve earnings milestones. As an EN, we share these payments with organizations that partner with us and provide referrals of individuals who are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).
  • We provide SSI/SSDI beneficiaries with long-term benefits counseling services and supports to help them achieve self-sufficiency goals
  • See the list of organizations that are currently partnering with us.
  • See potential payments available to your organization: Ticket to Work Payments for 2023
Employment Network Partners

Join us for Ticket Tuesdays

Ticket Tuesdays is a virtual forum to provide an opportunity for staff, members, and clients to learn about Social Security benefits and work, health insurance and much more. Each meeting, held on the fourth Tuesday of every month, will feature a topic of interest as well as a “Question & Answer” session. Ticket Tuesdays is hosted by Brian Forsythe, CPWIC, Work Without Limits Employment Network Work Incentives Counselor.

Services Provided

  • Ticket assignment
  • Wage verification
  • Ticket payment requests, receipts, tracking, and processing
  • Ticket payment sharing with partnering organizations
  • Enhanced benefit counseling and outreach to assigned individuals to provide long-term supports required by the Ticket to Work program
  • As an EN partner, you automatically become a Work Without Limits Community Partner.

Area Served

Over 2 million in revenue generated since 2015
Over 300 tickets assigned since 2015

"The support provided by Work Without Limits is instrumental to the success of our job seekers. Having a benefits counselor should be a prerequisite for anyone facing employment challenges. For many, this is critical to successfully navigate going back to work and/or planning for self-sufficiency.

It is unlikely there were ever serious discussions about “self-sufficiency” until Vinfen had Work Without Limits Community Work Incentives Counselors (CWIC) available to us through the EN. The discussions that we have had with some of the people going back to work have been real explorations of life outside the poverty trap of entitlements.”

“Our 7-year partnership with the Work Without Limits EN has provided easy access to their benefits counselors who are a great resource to the working individuals we serve. During that time, they have provided more than $100,000 in Ticket to Work payments to Open Sky.”
- Amelia Dillon,
Director of Career Services, Open Sky Community Services

If you are interested in partnering with the Work Without Limits EN, please contact:

Marjorie Longo, Employment Network Manager