Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees with Disabilities (1 hour)

Disability Etiquette training is required as a prerequisite.

This targeted workshop gives clarity and confidence to supervising professionals in preparation for and during performance reviews with employees with disabilities. Participants will receive a concise review of the essentials of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including key terms and considerations such as essential job functions and the interactive process for determining reasonable accommodations.

Using mini-lectures and case studies, participants will be able to:

  • Address conduct issues and performance improvement plans with confidence
  • Navigate the disclosure of a disability during a performance discussion and engage internal and/or external resources at appropriate times
  • Manage what to do when performance does not improve


“I think this should be a required training for any supervisor.”

What Attendees Liked Best:

“Content, presenter’s delivery style, and the options to engage (polls, chat, writing on the slides).”

“The scenarios and interaction from participants. It is very helpful to have the comments and us participating to hear how others are thinking through the scenarios.”

“#ATP … I’m still startled by how many times my gut instinct to be kind/respectful ends up being the wrong thing to do.”

Key Takeaways:

“It ONLY costs $500 per person for the average accommodations. It seems like a great investment on building a better team.”

“No retracting performance warning from past poor performance just because personnel tells you of a disability for the first time at the time of the warning.”

“Essential functions was a very helpful conversation.”