Disability Dialogue

A Work Without Limits Disability Inclusion core training is required as a prerequisite. (Disability Etiquette, Disability Awareness: What is Disability & Why it Matters to Business, Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities, Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees with Disabilities)

In response to “We want MORE!” from training attendees, this open Q&A discussion is designed to follow a disability inclusion core training or series of trainings. Disability Dialogue is designed to be a safe and open space to ask general disability inclusion follow-up questions that continue and deepen the conversation from a previous training or trainings. Facilitated by a Work Without Limits team member, Disability Dialogue is driven by participant questions. Though not mandatory, it is best practice for organizations to collect and submit anonymous questions to Work Without Limits in advance to help jump start the conversation. The session will not be around any specific organizational policy, hiring practice, or particular employee, but rather is a continuation of previous training driven by participant needs and follow up questions.


“The brave space provided for people to share their story without judgement!”

“Very relaxed atmosphere, plenty of time for others to think about what they wanted to say and then lots of space to allow them to speak. (I am sometimes slow to put my thoughts together and articulate them, so this was a good feeling form. I wasn’t rushed.)”

“This training is something I think a majority of the workforce should go through, or at least give them some exposure to the idea of “others” who are not like them.”