Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities (1 hour)

Disability Etiquette training is required as a prerequisite.

This targeted workshop gives clarity and confidence to hiring professionals in preparation for and during interviews with candidates with disabilities. Through the use of mini-lecture, large and small group exercises and impactful videos, participants will be able to:

  • implement a disability inclusive interview environment, mindset, and techniques
  • recognize and differentiate between interview skills and the skills to do the job
  • identify questions you can and cannot ask
  • practice when and how to discuss accommodations and the interactive process



“As an HR practitioner with decades of experience, I found the training to be wonderful.” – Museum of Science employee

“The real-life scenarios helped open my eyes as to the perspective of candidates with disabilities.” – State Street employee

“Very informative. It was very helpful to understand the correct way to ask about skills and abilities. Learning the appropriate phrasing was a key takeaway for me.” – Work Without Limits Career Fair recruiter

“This should be mandatory for hiring managers and talent acquisition teams everywhere. Thank you for making us better!”