After an extended period of unemployment, my goal was to find a job where I felt comfortable and capable, preferably in a hybrid work arrangement (combining in-person and remote work). The ultimate goal was to gradually transition away from relying on benefits.


I searched for entities in the Boston area that could help me navigate my social security benefits, reach a benefits conclusion, and facilitate my return to work. Through Social Security’s Ticket to Work “Find Help” website, I found the Work Without Limits Employment Network (EN), which seemed like a perfect fit for my needs. Work Without Limits guided me in reporting my income to Social Security and shared resources as I worked toward my independence.


Marjorie Longo, Work Without Limits EN manager, provided unwavering support throughout my job search journey. Her consistent availability and encouraging check-ins were instrumental, especially during the often-discouraging periods of waiting for responses after submitting job applications. Marjorie’s expertise and guidance made the job search process feel manageable, instilling confidence where I could seamlessly transition from relying on benefits to securing full-time work and eventually transitioning off benefits.

I am thrilled to share that I have successfully secured employment! Landing a position at a university that aligns perfectly with my skill set with a great team has been incredibly rewarding. Knowing that Marjorie is in my corner and cheering me on provides added assurance, creating a safety net in case of any unforeseen challenges. The most exciting part is that I am on track to transition off benefits around the one-year anniversary of my employment.

Dana’s Advice
“It doesn't need to be overwhelming. Wonderful resources are available to you if you just ask the right people. Work Without Limits was a great support to me as I wasn't sure how going back to work would work.”
I'm so happy that I can feel useful again! I anticipated a rockier transition into work, but it's helped me feel confident that I'm doing so well.”