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Meet the Work Without Limits Team: Kathy Muhr

What is your name, title, and role with Work Without Limits?

My name is Kathy Muhr. I am the Director of Community Engagement at Work Without Limits.

How long have you held this position?

I started working at UMass Medical School in 2007 and joined the Work Without Limits team in 2010.

kathy petkauskos, kathy muhr and dr david polakoff

Kathy Muhr being honored as a 10 year employee at UMass Medical School with Kathy Petkauskos and Dr. David Polakoff.

What is the best part of your job?

There are so many things I love about my job. First of all, I love being a member of the awesome Work Without Limits team. Though we are small in numbers we accomplish so much, thanks to everyone pushing up their sleeves and getting what needs to be done, completed! Secondly, our Community Partners are great. They know their job seekers inside-out and they work so hard to support them through their journey. Our Community Partners are faithful in sharing our employment events with their job seekers to help connect them with our employer network. Finally, our Employer Network is committed. Committed to hiring individuals with disabilities, committed to increasing their workforce’s knowledge around inclusion, and actively participating in Work Without Limits disability-related events and activities. What a privilege it has been over the years to see the number of employers in our network grow who truly are building a culture of diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

Do you have any special skills, interests or hobbies?  I love to watch and play sports.  I’ve been known to be driving down a road and stop at some random baseball game to watch the kids play.  I also love the challenge of playing golf. And, I’ve been playing on various softball teams for over 30 years (you’d think by now I would be good at it!).

5 members of the work without limits team at a table that says registration

Work Without Limits team members manning the registration table at one of our career fairs!

What is your best advice for job seekers?

Network, Network, Network!  Participate in various events such as Disability Mentoring Day; Meet and Greets; Open Houses; traditional Career Fairs and Virtual Career Fairs and make that connection with the employers. Also, I strongly recommend you have your resume reviewed by someone, a family member, friend, job coach, etc. prior to sending it to an employer. Does it look neat? Are words spelled correctly? Etc.

What is your best advice for employers seeking a more inclusive and/or diverse workforce?

Work Without Limits offers a number of opportunities for employers to connect with job seekers with disabilities. Become a sponsor today to start connecting with a talented group of individuals who are eager and ready to work!

What is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world is Aruba!  I’ve been there over 20 times and it never gets old. Great weather, awesome beaches, and very friendly people. It truly is ‘One Happy Island.’


If you are an educational institution or a disability serving organization who works with individuals with disabilities, and what to learn more about becoming a Community Partner contact Kathy Muhr here:

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