Culinary Career Academy

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The Culinary Career Academy

A culinary training program, brought to you by a grant from the Commonwealth Corporation

Candidates who are interested in the food service industry will be referred to the Culinary Career Academy by their respective agencies. A formal interview, information on program outline and schedule availability, along with benefit counseling from a Representative of Work Without Limits will be provided to each candidate.

The program will be offered 2 times a year for cohorts of 12-15 participants.

July 2021 Update

Congratulations to the 10 recent graduates of the Culinary Career Academy! After graduation all candidates will continue to receive support for two years to seek out employment or work on skills for employment. Graduates continue to receive ongoing benefits counseling through Work Without Limits as well.


The curriculum has three segments of training and a fourth, if feasible, based on the COVID-19 pandemic, may be added:

Interpersonal “Soft” Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Communication, enthusiasm and attitude
  • Introduction to the food service industry
  • Basic culinary skills
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Professionalism and self advocacy on the job

Interactive Virtual Classroom

  • Industry training and the ServSafe Food Handler’s curriculum
  • Basic kitchen safety and utility/housekeeping
  • Equipment use and maintenance
  • Food handling and cross contamination
  • Storage and product orders
  • Covid-19 Guidelines

Hands-on Experience Externship*

  • Hands-on experience of working in a fully operating kitchen within the community
  • Each participant will participate in 40 hours of Externship training to enhance the skills obtained during the classroom hours.

* Depending on feasibility due to community Covid-19 guidelines

Job Search Support

Participants will be supported for their future job search with:

  • Resume review and updating
  • Mock interviews
  • Search plan
Candidates will receive a food service certificate, with a focus on Covid-19 food handling, upon graduation. Support will be provided in obtaining employment in food service with our partner companies.

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Interested applicants should contact Jillian Correia.

Kristianne Widman
Assistant Director
Riverside Employment Collaboratives



Jodie Toure
Project Manager
Culinary Career Academy HMEA


Jillian Correia
Culinary Career Academy HMEA Case Manager/Job Coach
508-422-9550 office
508-918-4787 cell