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COVID-19 Stimulus Payments and Public Benefits

Updated 9/9/2021

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries from individuals with disabilities regarding the stimulus payments and how they will affect their public benefits.

So here is what I know.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): If you receive SSDI or retirement benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) or benefits from the Veterans Administration (VA), the receipt of the stimulus check will have no impact on your benefits at all.  It is not considered income or an asset for these programs and it will not be counted against you.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI): If you receive SSI from SSA, the stimulus payment will not be considered income and will not lower your SSI check for the month that you receive it.  It will also not be considered an asset for up to 12 months from receipt.  In other words, if you have more than $2,000 in assets one year or more after you received the stimulus check it will be counted and will stop your SSI cash benefits.  However, in the year that you receive the stimulus payment it will not.

On April 1, 2020, Congress instructed the Treasury department to coordinate with the VA and SSA to determine who is eligible to receive the stimulus payment.  Therefore, if you receive SSDI or retirement benefits from SSA, you will not have to file taxes to get the stimulus payment.  And, your stimulus payment will not be subject to income taxes.  For more on the Economic Impact Payments you can visit the IRS COVID-19 page.

On April 15, 2020, the Treasury announced that individuals who receive SSI will receive their Stimulus Payment automatically and it will be direct deposited into their bank account or to their Direct Express debit card.  However, if someone receiving SSI has minor dependents, they will still have to use the ‘Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here’ web portal to get the additional $500 payment for each of their dependents.  The deadline to use the Non-Filers portal has been extended to October 15th.

On May 18, 2020 the Treasury announced that holders of Direct Express cards will receive stimulus payments via a special Electronics Benefits Transfer (EBT) care.  This card is called the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) card.  The EIP card can be used to make purchases, access cash via in-network ATM’s, or transfer funds to a private bank account.  In order for the EIP card to have the correct amount of stimulus money, the Direct Express card holder must have met the May 5th deadline for using the non-filer link.

On August 10, 2020 the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), an independent organization within the IRS, will assist people in resolving certain issues related to their stimulus payments.  TAS can be reached at (877) 777-4778.  TAS will be providing assistance to individuals with five types of issues related to the Economic Impact Payment, they are:

  1. Payments for Dependents under age 17 as long as you used the Non-Filers Portal within the prescribed time limits.
  2. Injured Spouses
  3. Those with math errors on 2018 or 2019 returns
  4. Identify theft victims
  5. Surviving spouses or spouses of incarcerated individuals

Read more about this in The Washington Post article: “These are the five stimulus payment problems the Taxpayer Advocate Service will help the IRS resolve”

On July 23, 2021 Social Security clarified how they will count income received due to the pandemic.  The most significant change is that during the pandemic they will not count  Unemployment, including the additional amount received through PUA or the state, as income or resources until the end of the pandemic.  In fact they are in the process of reviewing SSI claims and refunding benefits that were reduced due to Unemployment.  This means that if you receive SSI and Unemployment you will be receiving money from Social Security.  Once the pandemic has ended they will go back to the normal income counting rules regarding Unemployment.

How should a representative payee use a beneficiary’s economic impact payment (EIP)? The EIP belongs to the Social Security or SSI beneficiary.  It is not a Social Security or SSI benefit.  A representative payee should discuss the EIP with the beneficiary.  If the beneficiary wants to use the EIP independently, the representative payee should provide the EIP to the beneficiary.  If the beneficiary asks the representative payee for assistance in using the EIP in a specific manner or saving it, the representative payee can provide that assistance outside the role of a representative payee.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP): Receipt of a stimulus payment will have no impact on SNAP benefits received or eligibility for SNAP.  Also, anyone eligible for SNAP benefits will automatically be raised to the maximum amount for the category they are in.  For example, if you receive SSI and your SNAP benefit was reduced to $16 due to work or other income, it will be raised to $194 maximum amount.

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA): Stimulus payments will have no impact on the amount received or eligibility for Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) or Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled, and Children (EAEDC).

Housing and Urban Development (HUD): There will be no impact on HUD rent subsidies.  Your rent will not go up because of the stimulus payment.

Medicare: The stimulus payment will have no impact on premiums or eligibility for Medicare and will not affect Medicare Savings Plans (MSP) that pay Medicare premiums for those who are eligible.

Medicaid/MassHealth: Stimulus payments will have no impact on eligibility for Medicaid/MassHealth nor will Medicaid/MassHealth remove anyone who was eligible or became eligible for Medicaid/MassHealth during the pandemic and for one month after the emergency period ends.

Unemployment: Unemployment has been extended an additional 13 weeks beyond what the state normally allows.  In Massachusetts this means that unemployment went from a maximum of 26 weeks to a maximum of 39 weeks.  Benefits will also be raised by $600 per week for all individuals receiving unemployment.  If you receive SSI and have lost your job, you must apply for unemployment even if it causes your SSI to be stopped while receiving it.  However, with the additional $600 per week in unemployment you may be better off financially while receiving unemployment, however Social Security will not count your unemployment during the pandemic.  When your unemployment runs out, your SSI can be reinstated.  Remember in order to be eligible for unemployment in Massachusetts you must have earned at least $5,100 in the last 4 quarters that you worked.

Keep in mind that Unemployment Benefits are considered income for SNAP, TAFDC and EAEDC so the increase will result in lowered amounts of these benefits.

The increase in Unemployment will not be counted in the rent calculation for individuals in HUD funded housing, including Section 8.

It is important to remember that there are a few circumstances where you will not be eligible for the Stimulus Payment.

  1. If your income is higher than $75,000 per year. In this circumstance you will receive a lower amount based on your income.
  2. You are a college student who is claimed as a dependent on your parents income tax returns
  3. You owe Child Support. If you owe child support your Stimulus Payment will most likely be seized to pay against this debt.  If you receive SSI you should still apply for the Stimulus Payment using the IRS non-filers portal, but your check will not go to you.

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Recently we were informed by our national contacts that they have been made aware that some banks are intercepting stimulus payments for those individuals who have defaulted on or have late private student loans, or who have overdue credit card payments or overdrawn bank accounts. Most recently, they report that nursing homes have intercepted stimulus payments for Medicaid residents, claiming that these payments should be kept as cost of care.  If either event occurs, please contact your State Consumer Affairs Office, Elder Affairs Office, or your local legal services agencies for assistance. Some states, including Massachusetts, but not all will prevent banks from intercepting stimulus payments and Elder Affairs may intercede with nursing home intercepts. The CARES Act does not support any of these intercepts.*

Helpful Links

Here are some links that will make it easier to access the stimulus payment and UI benefits discussed in this article.

Contact Us: If you receive SSI or SSDI and have any questions or concerns about your benefits during the pandemic or any time, please do not hesitate to contact the benefits counseling team at Work Without Limits. We are here to support you. Please find our contact information and other COVID-19 related resources on our website.

Stay safe and be well!

* Source: Ray Cebula, Cornell University, K.Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability

Brian Forsythe
Brian is a certified Community Work Incentive Coordinator (CWIC) providing individualized benefits counseling to individuals in Massachusetts. Brian also develops and conducts training focused on work incentives and public benefits. Brian has over 30 years of vocational rehabilitation experience.


  1. If you are on SDI and you are on unemployment will the extra $600 weekly go against you as income for that month and cause you to be over the limit subqencly cause you to be discontinued off of SDI

  2. It would just be nice if it could help those receiving eaedc benefits while awaiting my ssi reconsideration ..

  3. Hi Jonathan;

    Since you receive SSDI and Unemployment is Considered unearned income it will have no effect on your SSDI benefit at all.

  4. Thank you for you question. For SSDI unemployment is not counted towards SGA as it is unearned income and only earned income counts against SSDI. So the $600 will have no effect on your SSDI payments.

  5. Sorry answered the wrong question. The stimulus payment will not be counted against you by MassHealth.

  6. Hi Michael;

    The stimulus payment should help individuals on EAEDC as it will not be counted as income by DTA. However, if you did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019 you will have to file a $0 tax return for 2019 in order to get it. The link to do this is in my blog.

  7. If you receive afdc do you need to apply for covid payment or is it automatic? I didnt file taxes because I was way under. I care for my daughter who receives ssdi.

  8. If you receive tafdc do you need to apply for covid payment or is it automatic? I didnt file taxes because I was way under. I care for my daughter who receives ssdi.

  9. To further clarify. Since the payment will not be counted by MassHealth there should be no requirement for you to notify them that you received it.

  10. Hi Katie; Thank you for your question.

    If you did not file an income tax return in 2018 or 2019 then I would recommend that you fill out the non-filers information that is accessed by the link. That way you can assure that you will receive the stimulus payment. Since your daughter receives SSDI she will receive the payment automatically.

  11. Thank you for your response. So I am filling the paperwork out now. Since she automatic get hers from ssdi do I claim her as a dependent on the form or leave it blank?

  12. Are individuals on TAFDC eligible to recieve the stimulus money? Do you know how they would receive it??

  13. I’m a 58 year-old snap recipient and I just recently filed for social services disability I was claimed on my father’s 219 income tax but he died in November so now I’m on my own and I’m wondering am I going to get a stimulus check I do not have a bank account

  14. Hi Lindsey, you are eligible for the stimulus payment. If you did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019 you will need to follow the link in my blog and fill out the information for non filers.

  15. very informative and relieves pressure that I like so many other seniors are under at this time

  16. Hi Avis, a lot to think about here. You should check with the individual who filed your father’s 2019 tax return to see if you were listed as a dependent. If not and you did not file a 2018 or 2019 return on your own, you can use the link in the article to file a $0 tax return to be eligible for the payment. I would strongly recommend that you get a bank account as that will make it much easier to receive the payment. If not it could be September before you see a paper check.

  17. A family is receiving Cash aid ( Public assistance for low income family with dependent children), CAL-FRESH (SNAP) and Medical benefits, is the stimulus income ($ 600/week) be counted as income for those 3 benefits?

  18. Hi I have been wondering for those that have no job and dont work at all and have not worked in 10 years but do not get any benefits besides SNAP and Medical benefits and dont file taxes at all, will we be receiving a stimulous check?? Please let me know??

  19. I believe you are referring to the additional $600 per week in Unemployment Insurance and not the Economic Impact Payment. That being said the increase in Unemployment will be counted against SNAP and TANF benefits unless your state has decided otherwise. I recommend that you check your states website for more detailed information.

  20. Hi Kenny; you are eligible for the Economic Impact Payment but you will have to fill out the form on the IRS website, listed in the blog to get it.

  21. You are eligible but you will not automatically receive it. You will have to fill out the form on the IRS website, referenced in the blog, in order to receive it.

  22. Does the same rule apply for those on SSI? Also, do people need to report to social security if they have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and have applied for UI benefits?

  23. My kids father owes me child support since he doesn’t get the 1200 cause it goes toward what he owes, will I get the 1200?

  24. Mass food stamps), when i applied a few weeks ago i was given a denial since i knowingly get then by fraud and i have no clue how they cane to that. Income 1300-2018
    1500. 2017. And so far 2020 is 1000.
    Can my stimulus check just govtovfiod stamps

  25. For individuals receiving SSI all income must be reported including Unemployment. Unemployment will reduce the amount you receive in SSI. However with the $600 increase in Unemployment you will be better off financially.

  26. In order to receive the stimulus payment automatically you would have to had filed a tax return in 2019 or 2018. If you did not you will need to use the IRS portal for non filers referenced in the blog.

  27. I am unsure as to how that would work. I would recommend that you speak to the Child Support Enforcement office in your state to get this answer.

  28. If you are not working and did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019 and do not receive SSDI, SSI or retirement benefits, you may have to use the Non Filers portal to receive the payment.

  29. I need to get my IP pin from the IRS so I can apply for the non filers but unfortunately the irs is not answering calls & it will not let me retrieve it from the website. What should I do?

  30. Snap said i owed like 3k bc i committee fraud to obtain food stamps which i had no idea about until applying 4 weeks ago and. Being denied
    Could this stop my stimulus $? I have 30 and didn’t eat yeaterday

  31. Hello, I am a 29 year old Dependent because I am disabled and currently receive EAEDC benefits and SNAP. Will I be able to receive this benefit?

  32. Hi. If you live in subsidy, through HUD in MA and you are currently on unemployment, is your rent based on the initial benefit…let’s say $300 a week or will they now count the extra $600 a week also? Meaning my rent will actually increase more than what I was paying before the pandemic because HUD goes off of 30% income. In another words, they are paying me extra so that landlords get more money for rent. Doesn’t seem right. I thought $600 was a relief fund. With out this pandemic, one would only qualify for the original $300 weekly benefit.

  33. Brian;

    I receive SNAP and EAEDC, am I eligible for a stimulus check? My phone was shut off so I do not have a phone to check.

    Thank you,


  34. Stimulus payments can only be seized for nonpayment of child support. All other debts public or private are exempt.

  35. If you are a dependent on someone else’s tax return you will not be eligible for the Stimulus Payment. They will receive a $500 payment for you.

  36. Hi Laurie;
    You are eligible but you most likely will have to use the non-filers portal to receive it if you did not file a tax return in 2018 or 2019, or do not receive benefits from Social Security.

  37. Hi Brian,

    I am on SSD and self employed. I want to sign up for the covid 19 unemployment when the MA unemployment site becomes available, but I am worried that the extra $600 a week will put me over the SSD limit. I am not on a ticket to work as I earn under the limit. Can I apply for unemployment without the $600 a week effecting my SSD?

  38. I filled out the non-filer form on the IRS website and submitted it and this morning received an email stating the IRS excepted it. Now, what do I do?


  39. Hello, I’m in the State of New York and I’m on SSDI. I work part time and was laid off due to the virus. Is the unemployment I’m receiving right now count as earned income or is it consider unearned income? I’m hoping the extra $600.00 will not effect my SSDI. I came across this site and wanted to ask my question. Thank you for your time.

  40. but they did NOT receive any money from my being claimed as a dependent, for me, on their stimulus, this is absolutely outrageous. This stimulus package needs to be for EVERYONE OR NO ONE AT ALL. This is a literal outrage.

  41. I hear ya—there always seems to be a select few that fall through the cracks with programs such as this. I am in the process of moving into my car because I cannot make rent and my phone was shut off because of non-payment. As a result, I cannot make phone calls and the DTA does not have an email. All while trying to better my life by graduating in May (hopefully) from college. Then you turn on social media and there are those that have received there stimulus checks spending it on flatscreen tv’s. As if you are even supposed to be out for that sort of thing—-so much for staying home and practicing the recommended guidelines. Anyways, I wish you luck and hand in there.

  42. Sorry I posted twice. i just don’t know why whenc.a.) 2019-2020 total income under 3500, b) fed return had been seized for student loans but then SNAP took precedent) no file in 2019 but 4/2/2020 filed and $29 state return. Oct. 2019 SS presumptively approved but overturned.
    Should i have filed thatchead ofchousehild 2019? He diedcin 2018 but no kids- may that in rease 1w00? I see ppl with savings on emu/e getting 900+ week shile I am truly atraving. Again. Been up since 4 a.m ate not a thing yet. Anyway 2018 return had my husband acct number but SSA finally changed when the 2 month tease occured.
    When I log on to see status payment it states “we are unable tovdeterminecypur eligibility”
    Ichave a SSN, wellcunder 2k theclast 3 years, was on SSI 2 months. Couldcit be sincecicfiledcon 4/2 it was too late? But should presumptive disability have the dd? Should I be worried? I can only eat/use hot water almost done with toiletries and will be out of all of the sbove in 3 days. Portal states based on info
    eligibility cant be determined. I just am so sad. I had to shoplift s can of cat food. I am including a link to help me out or share if you can. I need this so badly and missing my husband more than i have in over a year

  43. So my husband owes child support and I have s child prior to getting married and we have one together. We should have gotten $3400, $2400 for a couple and $1000 for two kids- I figured they would take his $1200 but they took one of my children’s $500 also! My husband broke his leg and hasn’t worked in a year yet they always take my state income tax return and even though I filed injured spouse they still haven’t given us or federal return! I haven’t even met this child and my husband hasn’t been able to see him in six years. How can child support take one of my children’s stimulus?

  44. What if my sister receive TANF benefits basically known as welfare will she be eligible for her stimulus payment she tried the online portal but when she got to step 2 she entered in her information but it kept saying that everything wasn’t filled out but everything was filled out so she was never able to update her information using that portal and she hasn’t been able to file an income tax in about 5 years how can she get a stimulus payment

  45. I have the same problem i didn’t even know my identity was stolen and i tried the online tool and cant retrieve it and the IRS is not answering there phones what do we do? This is so stressful

  46. Hi I receive ssi and my husband receives afdc with my kids. So I already filled out the non filers form online, but I’m not sure if I did it right. I put that I was filing jointly because we are married and put our kids as dependents. Does seem like I filed it out right? I just have this feeling that I should of filed my husband separate. Will I get the stimulus check for all of us like this the way I filed?

  47. Both my child and i are one government assistance such as cash aid and SNAP. I didn’t file taxes, but my brother who i live with filed and claimed my son as a dependent and has already received the $500. Would i be able to receive a stimulus check? Do I qualify for a stimulus check?

  48. I have been on SSDI for 18 years. last year was the first time i worked in 20 years. I made $800.00 last summer. I was promised a job this summer into October. I would probably make $450 to $600 a month. Do i qualify for the extended unemployment plan called the pandemic unemployment assistance program? If i do qualify how much money will i get? someone said i will get 1/2 of my states (CA) average benefits +$600 a week. Is this true? Also will this money count against me because if i make anymore than $910 a month i could lose my ssdi and i cant afford to lose my ssdi. Thank you for your help. Erin

  49. hello April 20 2020 im 100% eligible for my stimulus check but as today still didn’t receive anything !the its has all my banking in formation I filed my 2019 tax on march did everything but nothing receive ! do I still have time to receive the stimulus check in my direct deposit?

  50. My husband is on SSI and I applied for part time job so we could keep up with our bills. The school shut down and I never started can I get the 600 unemployment? Will it affect and count towards ssi limits and snap?

  51. Hey I live in Baltimore my girl receives food stamps and cash assistance would she be able to receive the stimulus check

  52. I my children get ssp because they are disabled and under 18 does the extra 600 count as income for ss like the regular unemployment counts as income

  53. Hi Brian
    My.16 year olds receive supplemental social security income because they.are disabled does the 600 extra for unemployment count as income as well as the regular unployment my spouse gets

  54. Unemployment, including the extra $600 does count as income for SSI and will thus lower the amount of SSI you receive. However, it is possible that you will receive more in unemployment than you were getting in SSI in the first place. Just remember to let Social Security know how much you get in unemployment.

  55. You will need to speak to the child support enforcement office in your state to try to have this resolved. Child support is the only reason to have your stimulus payment siezed.

  56. If you live in Massachusetts the governor just signed a bill forbidding evictions and foreclosures due to nonpayment during the Covid-19 crisis.

  57. My only advice at this point is for her to contact the IRS to let them know she is having difficulty with the non-filers portal. It is the only way she is going to be able to get the stimulus payment.

  58. The unemployment that you receive, including the extra $600 will be counted in your rent calculation. Once you are no longer on unemployment your rent will be readjusted. The same will happen when the $600 extra runs out at the end of July.

  59. Hi Brian,
    Cant find the answer to this anywhere.
    I get health insurance subsidized by a tax credit through the MA Health Connector and the amount I get to offset the regular cost of health insurance is determined by my income. I am receiving unemployment and getting the $600 weekly. Do i have to count the extra $600 as income when reporting to Health Connector? This will raise my insurance bill substantially. Or can i just count my regular unemployment amount as income? Thanks

  60. Based on what you stated, if you listed everyone you should get the stimulus payment for yourself and your children. I am not sure about your husband. I would recommend that you try to speak to the IRS to see if your husband should file himself.

  61. You should qualify for the stimulus payment. You will have to fill out the non-filers form at the IRS to receive it.

  62. You will need to check with your state’s unemployment office to see if you qualify for benefits. If you do, you will receive the regular benefit plus the additional $600 per week until the end of July. Unemployment benefits are not counted by Social Security and will not affect your SSDI at all.

  63. You should receive it. I recommend that you go to the IRS website. The have a tool you can use to check the status of your stimulus payment.

  64. To be eligible for unemployment you must meet your state’s guidelines. I recommend you contact your state’s unemployment office to see if you are eligible. If you are the income from unemployment will reduce your SSI. But you would most likely get more in unemployment that was coming in in SSI.

  65. She should be but will have to fill out the non-filers form at the IRS to get it. The link is in my blog.

  66. Yes the additional $600 per week in unemployment will be counted by Social Security just like regular unemployment for individuals on SSI.

  67. I have a question my son who was living with me for a year was also helping to care for my kids while I was taking care of my mom who lives at a nursing home and other things I needed to do . So I gave my son permission to claim my kid’s on last year tax return. He received the Money from the income taxes .now he also has a family of his own a wife and a son. He is no longer living with me and now I’m worried he will get the stimulus money meant for my two kids which are his siblings.mind you iam receiving SSDI and I’m receiving transitional assistance-welfare . So my question is will my son get double the stimulus package ??! He is astranged from us because he says he will not be giving us money that is rightfully owed to his brother and sister. I’m in tears because I let him claim his siblings because he said he needed help, even though he is not the greatest son apparently. Even now he says he isn’t giving us a dime ..payback for tough love cus I told him he couldn’t live with us any longer . Trust me I had good reasons. Please tell me he didn’t screw his mother(me) yet again😩

  68. Someone who’s receiving SSI & Social Security and be claim as dependent on someone else tax return is elegible to receive stimulus payment tru their direct deposit account at SSA benefits from the IRS?

  69. Or they not going to receive nothing because we’re claim as dependent even do their SSA beneficiaries?

  70. MassHealth Connector will count unemployment benefits as income. However, you will not lose coverage while on unemployment.

  71. If you receive SSI and or SSDI you should be eligible for the stimulus payment automatically.

  72. Do we count the additional 600 weekly from unemployment for income if our child receives an SSI disability payment?

  73. So, to clarify:

    Extra $600 in unemployment WILL be counted as income for those on SSI, meaning they could potentially lose some benefits.

    However, it WILL NOT be counted as income for those on SSDI, even though it exceeds the Substantial Gainful Activity amount for the month, meaning they WILL NOT lose benefits because of it. (I’m on SSDI and absolutely cannot risk losing Medicare benefits)

    Is this correct?

  74. Hi Brian,
    I receive Snap benefits and was wondering if I would receive a stimulus payment?Thank you!

  75. you say in the above article that only college age persons are being denied stimulus, is that accurate because i heard ssa recipients are being denied too.

  76. Can someone send me an email to explain to me how exactly this works I receive SNAP benefits public assistance and HUD but I have a medical paper so don’t work but I’m still trying to get SSI but I want to know if I’m able to claim the stimulus check.

  77. Can someone send me an email to explain to me how exactly this works I receive SNAP benefits public assistance and HUD but I have a medical paper so don’t work but I’m still trying to get SSI but I want to know if I’m able to claim the stimulus check. Some of those above also help with my rent as i mentioned, because I receive SNAP P/A cash assistance an HUD

  78. If you live in assisted housing (HUD) in maine, Is the 600.00 unemployment stimulus used to determine rent amount?

  79. If i receive ssi and my spouse gets the new ($600+$160 a week in Michigan ) unemployment benefits does that count towards SSI and will they cancel the SSI over this increase? I think it’s unfair to cancel SSI when the government is offering the $600 a week themselves. If they cancel the SSI for months does one have to start whole process over again? This is very confusing. Thank you in advance!

  80. I have 2 questions.
    So I receive SSDI and my four children that are at home receive tafdc assistance, do I still need to enter their information or would I get it regardless?
    I’ve tried to put my children on and it keeps sending it back as error, am I doing something wrong? I kept deleting them till I have a non error message and now I just have two entered and waiting for a response.

  81. I’m disabled on Social Security. I was working Part time but was laid off due to COVID-19. I filed for unemployment and was approved. Will my social security payment on the 3rd be affected now that I’m making more on unemployment? Should I have not applied for unemployment?

  82. I am a gig worker part time & receive ssdi, would I qualify for unemployment(PUA)? if so, how would it affect my ssdi?

  83. Hello,
    I receive ssdi, will the unemployment take away my Medicare/Masshealth or my SNAP?
    I am disabled with a bone disease

  84. My sister receives SSI. Her assets are under the $2000 limit. According to your article, the $1200 stimulus payment will not be counted for 1 year as an additional asset. Is she limited as to how she is allowed to spend this $1200? Or, will they audit an expenditure of this money in the same way they would her monthly SSI benefit money? I can’t find an answer to this question anywhere!

  85. The additional $600 per week in Unemployment will run out at the end of July. So as long as you are collecting Unemployment you will receive it up until July 31, 2020.

  86. Yes you are eligible for the stimulus payment. However, you will need to use the non-filers portal, link is in the blog, to receive it.

  87. Receiving Unemployment will not affect SSDI as it is unearned income and only earned income counts for SSDI. The portal for self employed individuals in MA is up.

  88. Yes you will have to count it. I may place your child’s SSI in suspense while you are receiving it. Once you return to work or the unemployment otherwise ends you would notify Social Security and they will reinstate your child’s SSI.

  89. You are eligible for the stimulus payment. However, you would have to use the non-filiers portal to get it.

  90. Individuals receiving benefits from Social Security, be it SS Retirement, Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income are automatically eligible to receive the stimulus payment. The only difference is that if they have children under age 17 they must use the non-filers portal before May 5th in order to receive the $500 for each dependent.

  91. The $1,200 stimulus payment will not affect your rent in assisted housing. However, the additional $600 per week in unemployment most likely will. However, I would still encourage you to apply for unemployment if you are eligible.

  92. Unfortunately unemployment is counted against SSI. Since you are married any increase in your spouse’s income does affect your SSI. There is a possibility that the additional unemployment could cause your SSI to be suspended. However, when the unemployment stops you can notify Social Security to have your SSI restarted. Remember your SSI will not be closed, just suspended.

  93. You do need to use the non-filers portal to receive the $500 per child stimulus payment. Your $1,200 stimulus payment is automatic. I urge you to keep trying because you only have until May 5th to get it done.

  94. Your SSDI will not be affected by the receipt of unemployment. Remember that unemployment is considered unearned income for SSDI and only earned income affects it.

  95. Yes you are now eligible for unemployment. In fact it will be back dated to March 14th. Receipt of unemployment will not affect SSDI at all.

  96. The stimulus payment will not be counted as income when received and will not be counted as an asset for 12 months. How she spends the money is up to her. After 12 months if she still has it and she is over $2,000 it will trigger the suspense of her SSI. The only thing she cannot do with the money is give it to someone else.

  97. My son gets SSDI . We filed for unemployment which is what his employer suggested. Would he be eligible for unemployment if he gets social security? And when certifying unemployment do we say he has additional income ?

  98. I am currently covered by MassHealth as I was making low income at my job before the pandemic hit. Since then my job has shut down and I am receiving more money on unemployment than I was when I was working with the extra $600. I am worried that this will make me ineligible for MassHealth when the pandemic is over because my income will be higher for a couple of months while unemployed, and this will raise my overall annual income when it is time to renew. Do you know if the unemployment income will push me over the income threshold for MassHealth when the pandemic is over, and if they will kick me off as a result?

  99. Hi, I was working part time up until the corona virus shut everything down. I am on SSDI and am currently unemployed. Can I apply for unemployment with the same conditions stated above being in effect? Family has cautioned me against applying for unemployment because I will lose my benefits by going over the income threshold. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

  100. The extra unemployment you receive will not be counted by MassHealth. So when this is over you should not have a problem.

  101. If you are eligible for unemployment, I would urge you to apply. Since you receive SSDI, the unemployment will not jeopardize your benefits at all. This is because unemployment is unearned income and only earned income affects SSDI.

  102. i live in Massachusetts. my name is imtiyaz. and my wife is disabled she already taking supplemental security income. right now i have a two part time job. one part time job is still working and one is lay off. so i apply for unemployment. if i receive unemployment benefits so my wife supplemental security income going to close or no? please answer the question. thank you.

  103. Hi Brian. My spouse works PT and files jointly with myself. But she also receives SSI benefits. Will she have to apply to receive stimulus from SSI? Confused. Since she works and receives SSI. TIA

  104. Can you tell me if a person that has never worked before ever but received ssi eligible to file covid19 unemployment

  105. Hi i was just approved on 4-28 for snap. Will i still get the extra snap benefits or will i not? This in the state of pa.

  106. Since your wife receives SSI, any income in the household will affect how much she receives. Therefore if you receive Unemployment especially the $600 extra each week, it will reduce your wife’s SSI. However, even if it causes your wife’s SSI to be suspended, the household will have more money coming in. And when the unemployment runs out your wife’s SSI will be reinstated.

  107. I’m single with no kids and renting a room on my own, I recently filed for Calfresh. Will Calfresh effect my Unemployment benefits or the extra $600 weekly?

  108. I’m on SSDI, don’t file
    As of today 4/30/19 5:19am
    I haven’t seen a direct deposit other than my SSDI
    Any way of knowing when I’ll receive my stimulus payment?

  109. I’ve been on ssd/ssi since 2009 do to getting hit by a car am I able to receive 600.00 a week or no since my checks are only 800.00 a month

  110. Hi Brian, I have some questions regarding SSI and collecting unemployment. I was working part time and receiving SSI. I applied for unemployment as a result of COVID-19 and was approved, but I have questions on how to file a biweekly claim. My first question on the biweekly claim asks you something like: Did you work, but in the same question is and will return to work after COVID-19? My answer is NO, I did NOT work but YES, I DO plan to go back to work after COVID-19! How do I answer this question? People have told me to answer YES, but if I answer YES, it will then ask me how much I was paid by this employer? I am no longer receiving any income from my employer, as I am not working at this time so do I answer $0.00? I am so confused, and I hope you are able to help me answer these questions! I also have other questions regarding SSI and unemployment but, we’ll start from here! Thank you so much!

  111. Unsure as I am in Massachusetts and do not know the SNAP rules in PA. I recommend that you speak to you local SNAP office for this question.

  112. I am unfamiliar with that program as I am in MA. I suspect that it should not, but I would recommend that you speak to your local Calfresh office to be sure.

  113. You said that the stimulus money won’t affect my income or asset limit. Can you provide a link to your source material please? I would like to read more about this.

  114. If I’ve been on SSDI for over 5 years now but I owed IRS and I filed hardship when the stimulus check be taken away from me

  115. My 12 year old son is disabled and I receive SSI for him. My husband is not working due to COVID-19 and on unemployment – do we report unemployment as income to SSI?

  116. hi brian i had my stimulus taken for back child support.i have two pt time jobs one of which i pay weekly back support..so the weekly obligation is met..if i lose 1 of my sec job and file for unemployment..i will be eligible for partial unemployment.. will the extra 600 stimulus be taken as well..to pay for back support ..since my weekly is met.. it seems this shouldnt be touched if the support order for back is met.. or do i get half?

  117. i am on disability and everyone around me is getting a increased snap benefits and i have not. it is obvious that these people are getting over what their normal amount is why isn’t people on disability. i do not think this is fair at all.

  118. I am on ssdi and I bring in 1034 a month and my rent is 1,000 and even higher if I do move, tried. now on waiting lists for assistance in relocating to a cheaper price location. I have to craft items and sell them, I do yard sales and house items and clothes and sell on letgo and offer up and also do some spiritual counseling, crystal healing and reiki (which I have the education and proper degrees and certificates to preform) to get the rest of what I need to live or i would be homeless. I do not file taxes or make enough to, I do not make enough to report it. Can I file for the new unemployment program the PUA program, if I have statements of sales as proof of the income and also have dependent. Can you help?

  119. Hello. I’m receiving SSDI and I work odd jobs for extra income, such as yard work, painting, and lawn maintenance, while receiving cash for these jobs. Due to the Covid-19, I can’t find any work. Am I eligible for the Covid Pandemic unemployment insurance ($600)? If so, will it affect my ability to receive SSDI now and in the future?

  120. Hi, I live in Alabama. I need to know if the extra unemployment stimulus payment of $600 will count as income and affect my rent amount if I am on section 8/public housing/HUD?

  121. Hi, I live in Massachusetts. Due To medical conditions including dialysis, My husband John who is 50 is on SSI (he was a teacher for the state) 522/month SSI plus 114.39/extra. 636.39 total. He is on Medicare and silver script rx D he does not pay for. We(John, myself and 11yr old twins) are on mass health. We receive food stamps 643./month. I Have not worked in years. Not Wanting to lose my home Got job at a school pt 15 hours a week but did not start as pandemic started schools closed. I applied for PUA as suggested by dialysis social worker. I did not know it would be so much 267.plus 50 dependents 317. For 3 weeks in March and 317 plus 600 for 917/week now until July then back to 317.
    I just don’t know if I did the right thing as I’m afraid I messed up what took us years to finally get. Will we lose mass health? Snap? Will John also lose SSI and Medicare and silver script? Will we have to start from scratch all over again?
    We also haven’t filed our taxes in years so on April 11 on the IRS web site non filer info tool we filed jointly with 2 dependents. 2400. has been put into our checking but we did not receive 1000. For the girls. Will it come after?
    All offices are closed to ask questions and I don’t know how or who I need to call or notify. I am sorry this is so long and any info or help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in helping all of us.
    Thank You so so much

  122. Hi, I live in Massachusetts. Due To medical conditions including dialysis, My husband John who is 50 is on SSI (he was a teacher for the state) 522/month SSI plus 114.39/extra. 636.39 total. He is on Medicare and silver script rx D he does not pay for. We(John, myself and 11yr old twins) are on mass health. We receive food stamps 643./month. I Have not worked in years. Not Wanting to lose my home Got job at a school pt 15 hours a week but did not start as pandemic started schools closed. I applied for PUA as suggested by dialysis social worker. I did not know it would be so much 267.plus 50 dependents 317. For 3 weeks in March and 317 plus 600 for 917/week now until July then back to 317.
    I just don’t know if I did the right thing as I’m afraid I messed up what took us years to finally get. Will we lose mass health? Snap? Will John also lose SSI and Medicare and silver script? Will we have to start from scratch all over again?
    We also haven’t filed our taxes in years so on April 11 on the IRS web site non filer info tool we filed jointly with 2 dependents. 2400. has been put into our checking but we did not receive 1000. For the girls. Will it come after?
    All offices are closed to ask questions and I don’t know how or who I need to call or notify. I am sorry this is so long and any info or help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time in helping all of us.
    Thank You so so much!!!

  123. Hi Brian … I’m a 1099 worker (I clean offices bi-weekly & did not make the required $5100. normally required for regular UI), however I did try applying for the Pandemic UI just this morning, because I don’t believe the Pandemic UI has that same income requirement & since that $1200./$2400. for 2 stimulus only went so far … my husband was on UI for the past 5 weeks, but is returning to working full-time tomorrow ~ my question is, “Is that additional $600./week being given out to UI Recipients considered income ??? My husband is on Medicare (he’s 68+ working until age 70 before collecting SSI), BUT I (58+) depend on the MA Health Connector for my insurance & it looks like that $600./wkly would put us over the FPL qualifications (@ 267% currently) ???” Thank You in advance for your reply !!!

  124. Hi Brian, I live in California and my wife currently receives SSDI monthly check, If she applies for the PUA here in California and gets approved for that program, will that money she gets from the PUA program count against her ssdi benfits she currently gets. I dont want her to lose her SSDI benefits if she gets PUA. Thanks again for this great blog and taking the time to answer these questions.

  125. Its time for me to file a biweekly claim for unemployment and I don’t know how to answer the questions!

  126. Its time for me to file a biweekly claim and I don’t know how to answer the questions!

  127. Recibo ssi por mi hijo que es menor de edad, recibire el cheque de estimulo automaticamente o tengo que llenar algún formulario, me pueden contestar estoy muy confundida!

  128. I’m on public assistance to use the nonfilers toil do I have to have direct deposit or will it go on my benefit card.Also address changed what do I do?

  129. In new York state I am collecting SSI
    I also am getting unemployment with the additional 600 dollars each week
    Does the 600 dollars have any affect on my SSI or Vise versa

    I guess I am asking does this 600 extra count as income and will it be part of my income and I will have to pay SSI back

  130. The $600 per week are part of Unemployment Insurance. If you are not eligible for or collecting Unemployment you will not be eligible for it. You are eligible for the one time $1,200 stimulus payment.

  131. Hi Cynthia, you can post as many questions as you like as long as they are on topic. As to your Unemployment question I am not sure. I would recommend that you speak to Unemployment to have it answered.

  132. If you claimed him as a dependent on your taxes you will receive the $500 dependent check for him on top of your $1,200 stimulus payment. If you did not file taxes in 2018 or 2019 and claim him you will need to go to the IRS non-filers page to get the dependent payment for him. The link is on the blog. You will have until May 5th to do this.

  133. Your stimulus payment should not be or have been taken from you by the IRS. The only reason it can be seized is for unpaid child support.

  134. I am not sure if the extra $600 per week in unemployment is subject to garnishment for back child support. I recommend that you speak to the unemployment office to have this question answered.

  135. Hi Carolyn; Everyone on SNAP in MA was raised to the maximum amount for the category they are in. So if you were already collecting the maximum amount allowable there would be no increase. So if you were getting $194 per month before the pandemic it would stay $194 as that is the maximum for a single individual in MA.

  136. Since you are part of the gig economy you should be able to file for unemployment. In MA the portal went up two weeks ago.

  137. You should be able to apply for PUA. Receipt of PUA will not SSDI at all as it is unearned income and SSDI is only affected by income from work physically done.

  138. HUD has issued guidance that states that the additional $600 per week in unemployment will not be counted towards rent. The normal unemployment you receive will be counted.

  139. Hi Colleen; A lot going on here so let me start by saying your families health insurance will not be affected by the unemployment you receive. However, it will affect your husband’s SSI. Since SSI is a needs based benefit any income coming into the household will affect it. You will need to speak to Social Security, I recommend calling their national toll free number (800) 772-1213 to report the unemployment. Even though the SSI may be suspended, your family should have more to live on. Also once the unemployment runs out the SSI will be reinstated.

    I am unsure why you did not receive the dependent payment. You may have to try to contact the IRS to get this answered.

  140. You are eligible for the stimulus check if you work or receive benefits from Social Security either Retirement Benefits or Disability benefits. You are also eligible if you receive other public benefits.

  141. Si su hijo fue reclamado como dependiente de su declaración de impuestos, entonces usted recibirá el pago dependiente de $500 por él encima de su pago de estímulo de $1,200. Si no impuestos en 2018 o 2019 tendrá que utilizar la página web no-filers para solicitar el estímulo.

  142. You will need to use the non-filer’s web page, link is above. Since you do not have a regular checking or savings account you will receive your payment in a paper check. They will not release the funds to a benefit card.

  143. Since SSI is needs based all income received including unemployment and the extra $600 will count as income and reduce your SSI. Once the unemployment ends your SSI will be restored. Make sure you are reporting your unemployment to the local Social Security office.

  144. Thank you Brian it sure is a lot to handle and we are struggling. So let me see if I have this right, we will not lose mass health.
    SSI will be affected but will go right back to normal after? Will I have to reapply?
    What about Medicare and silver scripts and snap? It took us many years to get what we get and I don’t want to start all over. I have been a wreak over this thank you from the bottom of my heart, glad that there is someone like you out there!

  145. Hi Brian, I am on SSI and was working on a part-time basis until I was let go just prior to COVID and did not claim unemployment until Apr 2nd. My claim was approved and must be in the system because as of today I still have received nothing in the way of UE income. Are you saying that I would receive an additional $600/wk (& not prorated?) even though I was only working about 10 hours a week because of the additional monies from the Federal government AND that that will stop my SSI that I had to fight three years for? Do I have to take up that fight again or do they know this was just an unusual situation and it didn’t in any way change the state of my health?

  146. Hi,my ssi benefit stopped since last year October although I have an attorney working on it,I’m just curious if I will be getting the stimulus in my account since my ssi benefit has stopped coming

  147. While you are receiving Unemployment your SSI will be suspended due to the amount you will receive. However, when the Unemployment ends you will contact Social Security to let them know and your SSI will be restarted. You will also have to let Social Security know when you start receiving the Unemployment as they will not know otherwise. Don’t worry if you get a large back amount as Social Security counts income for SSI when you get the money, not for the time it represents. During the time your SSI is suspended, you will not lose your Medicaid.

  148. The $600 is an add on to Unemployment. If you are not getting unemployment you will not be eligible for it. If you are on unemployment the $600 will be counted as income for SSI and thus reduce or suspend your SSI. When the unemployment runs out you simply notify Social Security and they would restart your SSI.

  149. If you are on SSDI, the receipt of unemployment will have no effect. Unemployment is unearned income and only earned income affects SSDI.

  150. Hi. My mother in law is in a nursing home on Medicaid and has about $800 in her account. The $1200 will bring her slightly above $2000, but I understand as long as she uses it in a year she is fine. So within a year does she need to get back to $800 or just be under $2000 in total assets? Thanks.

  151. I received my stimulus money but nothing for my dependents that I claimed. I’m physical disable since birth never file taxes I filled out the nonfile I claim my two grandchildren that I have custody of, will I receive the money for them?

  152. I am on ssi and sss but I apply for umployment will it affect my sis and sss that what I get every month please let me know

  153. I live in texas and I get ssi and sss every month I got approve for the umployment the 600 will it affect my benefit s every month

  154. If you filled out the non-filers to claim them as dependents you should receive the EIP for them. It might come in a separate deposit sometime in May.

  155. Since SSI is a need based program, unemployment will reduce and could possible suspend your SSI and state supplement. You will need to contact Social Security to let them know you are receiving Unemployment. However, when the unemployment runs out or you return to work, you simply contact Social Security to let them know and they will restore your SSI.

  156. Does the coronavirus $600 a week and state provided coronavirus unemployment, Affect my section 8 housing in New Mexico? and do I let Social Security know I’m on unemployment with extra benefits until the end of July 2020

  157. I have a friend who receives a Section 8 housing allowance in Calif. Will the $1200 stimulus check negatively impact his ability to qualify for Section 8 Housing?

  158. My wife and I are on social security. She has received her Government Stimulus payment on 05/01/2020 but I am still waiting. Any reason why? She gets $400+ per month and I gets $1200+ per month social security. I did filed Federal Income Tax using the free Turbotax app but owe no money.

    Please help. Thanks

  159. I don’t work and only get snap but live with my grandmother. Will I receive a check or am I one of the few getting left behind.

  160. The EIP payments are being sent out on a staggered basis. However, if you have not receive it by the end of May you should contact the IRS to find out why.

  161. If your Grandmother did not claim you as a dependent and you filled out the Non-Filers form before May 5th, then you will receive an EIP. However, if you did not fill out the non-filers form it is too late to receive the payment. You may be able to claim it next year by filing taxes.

  162. Hi. I am on SSI, Disability. I also work part time. If I apply will I lose my Disability Benefits and/or my medicare? I live in Louisiana.

  163. I am permanently disabled and on SSDI and SSI, but no job, I have not worked in last 8 years because I have chronic disease. Can I apply Unemployment assistance based Pandemic Unemployment Assistance or Disaster Unemployment Assistance DUA? I am permanently disabled. Thanks

  164. Hi Brian I am from Michigan I am on social security disability can I apply for PUA BENEFITS Michigan unemployment PUA FOR THE $600 YOU THINK I WILL LOSE MY SSI OR SSDI if I get pay 600 after they stop it can I still get my social security benefits.

  165. California was one of the late ones starting up the PUA benefits. They just put out a continued claim form that is definitely a different lineup of questioning and in one of the questions to certify for PUA benefits they ask you, did you receive disability, private income insurance, or supplemental unemployment benefits? I don’t know what they’re fishing for here but I don’t believe this is an appropriate question to even answer and how would this be relevant for somebody on SSDI that is also self-employed and does qualify for PUA benefits that shouldn’t need to disclose or answer yes to this question asked by the state that’s managing these federal funds? Nowhere in the data or language from the federal government did it exclude SSDI recipients that actually earn money so I’m a bit puzzled by this question that state of California EDD is throwing into their lineup of questions to certify for the PUA benefits. I don’t want to answer yes because honestly it is none of their business. They never included any booklet or guideline to explain what this question is all about? I’m afraid if I select yes on this they are going to try to withhold paying me the PUA benefits in which I otherwise qualify for. Do you have an answer for me here on this?

  166. I just recieved a letter from data stating they r stopping my benefits due to my unemployment. Can they really do that?

  167. Hi Brian,
    Hoping you know the answer. I am on both SSI and SSDI. since 2007 from car accident I RECIEVE $745.00 a month between both. I read people on SSDI have already recieved their stimulus payment and those on SSI should see payments on May 13,2020
    Being I get SSDI and I’m reading those folks have all recieved stimulus does this mean I’m not getting one . Or is it possible they put me in the SSI group for May 13 payment..?

    Also I get my SSI and SSDI monthly payments on Direct Express debt card. and now I’m reading people are seeing a $1200 pending deposit on their Direct Express card, yet here again I’ve yet to see anything as of today.. I’m starting to feel I’ve been lost in the system and there’s no one to contact to help answer my concerns. Any info you may have would so greatly be appreciated . Thank you for this blog. Look forward to hearing from you.
    ~ KAREN

  168. Is the checks from PUA and federal PUC considered income for the states voucher for rent payment subsidy in Massachusetts?

  169. Hi Brian! I’m on SSI and was working part time but had to stop working because of COVID-19, so I started receiving unemployment, that is going to go over the limit when I do my monthly wage reporting! Are they going to stop My SSI? and if they do, what will happen when this is over? Will I still be able to be on SSI? And also, thank you for answering all of our questions, its been very informative about other things for me!

  170. Hi my ex wife claims my son on her taxes as a dependent. I i pply for the PAU “Pandemic Unemployment Assistance ” since im a gig worker. We have share custody of my son wich he is autistic. My quention is will i be able to claim him as a dependent in PAU sice he is with me half the time specially right now not having school?? As of right now i been able to file weekly for my self in PUA should i add my son as a dependent??????

  171. Dear Brian,

    I am a student who is not a dependent and I receive EAEDC. I have just finished my senior year and was going to start work and because of the situation we are facing cannot. Can I collect unemployment?

  172. Hello,
    I am a mom to 5 disabled children I am their caretaker/rep payee. I do not have a job as I am a caregiver to 6 disabled family members. 4 of the children get ssi so I dont file taxes so i filled out non filer. My children are all under 17. My oldest I am unable to claim. So I claimed my 4 younger ones,which 3 of the children I put on the non filer form are on ssi. I read for a qualifying child that a child cannot provide more than half of their own income, does this count for a disabled child’s ssi? Are 3 of my dependents not eligible for the $500 for dependents due to getting ssi dc. I filed non filer on april 13 and it was approved. I recieved my stimulus of $1200 but nothing for my kids on april 29. It states on the irs website that if you recieved the wrong amount you can file next year for the credit, but I already filed non filer before the deadline and I do not file taxes as I am unable to work due to caring for 6 disabled family members. This was all before the deadline to use non filer as well so I did what was required by the irs. This has happened to over 700 people that used non filer, there’s a facebook group for people that filed non filer and got theirs but nothing for their dependents so it is not an isolated
    case. What should I do to get my dependents share since the irs is not accepting calls and is closed due to covid 19 if my 3 are eligible and I have one that has no income or ssi and i did not get anything for her as well.

  173. I do not have a job as I am the caregiver for 6 disabled family members. I am rep payee for 4 of my 5 kids all under 17, the oldest is 16 and I
    am unable to claim him for non filer since it’s based on 2018 due to a dissolution order . I used non filer on april 13 and my non filer form was approved the same day. I claimed 4 of my kids ages 8,9,9 and 10, 3 of the children
    claimed are on ssi dc and 1 is not and has no income. After filling it out I read a qualifying child cannot provide more than half of their own income. Does ssi for disabled child, I am rep payee, count as an income for the eip payments that could make 3 of my children not eligible to recieve the $500 a piece? Also I recieved my stimulus of $1200 on April 29, but I recieved nothing for any of my dependents not even the one with no income. I read that if you did not get the correct amount you have to wait to file next year but I do not file taxes and the irs is not really explaining clearly what those that used non filer must do in order to get their amount that was missing and of course they are closed due to covid 19 so I cannot ask anyone. I am in a facebook group of over 750 people that used non filer before the cut off date of may 5 and non of them got their dependents $500 just their stimulus so my case is not an isolated case it seems to affect tons of non filers. What can I do to get my dependents $500 as we are having to pay ten times more for things being sold out like toliet paper and foods that we normally get cheaper which has taken away from neccessary things such as medications that medicaid will not cover.

  174. I am off work due to covid19 I have a low autoimmune Health issue. My Dr. has me on SDI. I am not getting 600 a month extra. Would I qualify for the additional 600 a month? As soon as they say I can return safely I can go back to work.

  175. Hi, my young daughter and I are receiving survivors benefit due to the loss of my husband a few months ago. I am also now claiming unemployment due to Covid-19. Will the extra $600 a week count as income and therefore affect our benefits?

  176. In order to be eligible for Unemployment you must meet your state’s requirements. If you have not worked in 8 years you would not be eligible.

  177. If you meet the eligibility for unemployment in MI then you could get it. The receipt of Unemployment will not affect SSDI, however it will be counted as income for SSI and could suspend it. When the unemployment ends SSI can be restarted without having to apply again. You should not lose Medicaid while receiving unemployment.

  178. While receiving unemployment will be reduced and possibly suspended. Once unemployment stops you will just have to let Social Security know. Unemployment will be counted for SNAP. When unemployment ends let them know and they should be able to restart.

  179. Hi Linda; I am sorry but I can’t find the answer to your question. I recommend that you contact the MA Health Connector for the answer.

  180. Unemployment is not counted by SSDI as it is unearned income and SSDI only counts earned income.

  181. I am in Massachusetts. I would recommend that you speak to the unemployment office in your city or town for this question.

  182. Unemployment is considered income for DTA. So the receipt of the extra $600 will suspend your DTA benefits. However, when the unemployment runs out you should be able to get your benefits back.

  183. Hi Karen; They will not put stimulus payments on a Direct Express Card. You will receive a paper check. It is going to take longer to receive it. It will be mailed to the address they have on record.

  184. SSI counts all income, so if you get unemployment it will reduce your SSI and could suspend it. When the unemployment stops you just tell Social Security and they will restart your SSI. If you are actually on SSDI, the receipt of unemployment will not affect it at all.

  185. In order to claim unemployment you must meet the state guidelines. If you have worked you may be able to get PUA but you will have to apply to find out.

  186. It should not as the benefits you are receiving is not affected by unearned income. Unemployment is unearned income.

  187. I do live in Massachusetts and I am now living in my car. I didn’t know what to do. My landlord kept asking me what are you going to do over and over again. They said at the end of the month and I stretched it out to the second of May. Now, they are asking me when I am going to move the mattress out? Good grief!

  188. I live in New Jersey I collect SSD monthly I also work part time in a restaurant I applied for unemployment in March which I have received And i called Social Security And asked if I should be collecting unemployment while I am collecting SSD the woman said I have to call unemployment and ask them the question but im unable to contact unemployment at this time.
    Also, I’m on sec8 will Unemployment and the extra 600 a week count as income for my section 8 thank you so much

  189. I’m I’m Wisconsin. I was working part time l. I read that people can get unemployment and SSDI. But I got denied for unemployment because I receive SSDI. I just applied for pandemic unemployment assistance. I’m awaiting a decision. Will I qualify for the pandemic unemployment even though I got denied for regular unemployment for receiving ssdi ?

  190. Well I found out there’s offset there taking mine and his money. But what about my kids? Will they still get it??
    I have to file a injured spouse form. But I don’t know if i can file online and if I should file injured spouse form with 1040x form.

  191. Hi! My son is 17 and just got his first unemployment checks today but there’s no extra $600. Is that because he’s a minor? Need to know ASAP please as we were depending on that to help.

  192. Hi Brian!
    I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I truly do appreciate you so much for taking your own time out in answering all of our questions! You have helped me a lot and I’m sure you’ve put a lot of peoples minds at ease as we otherwise would not know where to turn as we can’t find the answers from these government agencies due to the pandemic! You are a good person doing a wonderful service to us all!
    God bless you! And thank you again!

  193. Hi my question is, I am the payee of my son who has been on SSI since was infant will I still be able to receive a stimulus check and will I still be able to receive the 500 for him even though my sister who lives with me claim him on her 2018 income tax

  194. I am in Massachusetts and my husband is still waiting to get approved for disability benefits. Now if he applies for the PUA will that affect him from getting disability??

  195. I am in Michigan and receive SSD for 9 years. Friends have told me to apply for PUA the extra $600 a week. Is that legal since I receive disabilty payments and my husband still works and claims me as a dependent on our taxes.

  196. There are some states where this applies. However, I am located in Massachusetts and am not familiar with the unemployment rules in Wisconsin. I would recommend that you try to contact the WIPA program in Wisconsin to see if they can answer your question. They can be located at Employment Resources Inc., Madison WI. (877) 826-1752.

  197. If you filed taxes in 2018 or 2019 you would be eligible for the stimulus payment and should have gotten it by now. If you did not file taxes you would have had to use the non-filers portal prior to April 24th.

    If your sister claimed your son on her tax returns she will get the $500 stimulus payment for him.

  198. No, since unemployment is unearned income it will have no bearing on his pending claim for SSDI.

  199. If you meet the eligibility standards for unemployment in your state, then by all means you should apply. However, remember in order to collect unemployment you have to have been working in the past year.

  200. Hi Brian!
    I started receiving unemployment because of COVID-19! Tomorrow the Governor is lifting the stay at home order, but we still have to wear our masks while out and at work. I have an underlining medical condition which is COPD that is going to interfere with me going back to work as it puts me at risk and also wearing a mask makes it hard for me to breathe. I have an appointment with my Doctor next week and will ask if he can excuse me from work with my diagnosis of COPD. Would I still be able to collect unemployment if I refuse to go back to work at this time? How would I go about this with unemployment? I am on traditional unemployment, should I now apply for the PUA unemployment? Its not that I don’t want to work, I just don’t want to get sick and it is hard for me to breathe. I am able and available for work if, and when it is safe and I am not required to wear a mask!
    Thank you Brian!

  201. I have two children who receive SSI benefits. I am self employed and have began receiving unemployment because I don’t have any work right now. It is my understanding that the unemployment will effect the SSI my kids receive. My question is, number one, if I continue to collect unemployment during this, will I have to re-apply and wait go through the whole process to get my kids back on SSI once I am back working? Also, is the formula to determine SSI qualifications regarding my income different since I have two children receiving SSI? I am feeling like it might be best to just stop claiming unemployment if it means I will have to go through the whole process again to get them re-approved later. Thanks for the great resource by the way!

  202. Hi,
    I am in Michigan and recently applied for Medicaid for myself, my husband, my 24 yr old son and my 9 year old daughter. All of us qualified and the state is now going to pay my husbands medicare premium every month. My husband receives SSDI and my son has just gotten approved for full unemployment and I have been approved for PUA from a part time job. My husband has the ticket to work and has been doing odd jobs outside of the home for a while now for extra income. My question is, if I apply for the PUA for my husband will all of us be cut off from our medical (medicaid) insurance because of the increased income we will be getting?

  203. Hi Brian I wanted to add to my question to you from April 14. I’ve also been wearing my oxygen under my mask because it makes it hard for me to breathe! My boss wants me to come back to work next week and I don’t know what to do! My Doctors appointment is on Tues, I don’t know if he can give me a Doctors note to excuse me from work! But anyway, my question is still the same: would still be able to stay on regular unemployment or should I apply for PUA?
    Thank you!

  204. If you can get a note from your doctor stating that you should stay home I believe you can stay on regular unemployment. However, I suggest that you speak to your unemployment office regarding this matter.

  205. The receipt of unemployment will reduce and could possibly suspend your children’s SSI while you are receiving it. Once the unemployment ends you would call Social Security and their SSI will be restored without having to reapply. SSI can be suspended for up to 12 months before Social Security will close the claim.

  206. Since the rules for Medicaid eligibility differ from state to state and I am in Massachusetts, I am not able to answer your question. You have 2 options. One is to call the Medicaid office in your state and ask them. The other would be to contact he WIPA program in Michigan. They are located at The ARC of Michigan, (517) 487-5426. They would be familiar with the Medicaid rules in your state and should be able to assist you.

  207. Hi I applied for SSI because I have mental health disabilities I am still going through the process. I am currently awaiting my law judge hearing at the end of June. I don’t qualify for SSDI because I didn’t pay in enough. I have extreme PTSD but every year I work with my dad from the months of may- Sept because I’m not around anyone else and it doesn’t trigger my disorder. So I’m losing out on that money if I file for pandemic unemployment will it affect my hearing for SSI? Also can you provide any numbers for SSI attorneys in mass. I was also wondering my sister currently gets SSI because my dad recieves SSDI she is 18 and graduates this year do her benefits get cut off after graduation even if she is going to stay in school and start college?

  208. Hi I messaged yesterday but I don’t see it posted so I’m messaging again. I currently recieves eafdc benefits and I have a pending claim for SSI which I applied for in April 2019. I’m waiting to have a law judge hearing currently scheduled for June 23rd but I assume it will be pushed back because I’m having trouble finding lawyers. If you can recommend some I’d be very grateful. Anyways I typically work with my dad each year from may – Sept setting up tents for the Brimfield flea market because I suffer from severe ptsd and because I’m alone with just my dad it doesn’t trigger it. The flea market has been canceled so I would think I would qualify for unemployment but will that make affect my claim? Also was wondering for my dad he recieves SSDI and gets SSI for my little sister who is 18 she graduates high school this year do her benefits stop even if she is going to be in college full time?

  209. Do we need to report income through EBT hours (EBT cash) in the weekly certification (unemployment benefits)?

  210. Would someone who’s claimed on another person’s income tax returns but receives SNAP benefits be eligible?

  211. Hi, I retired to file for the stimulus money for my son and I and it kicked back that we were claimed as dependents, come to find out my father-in-law claimed us as dependents because we were staying with him when he in NOOOOO way took care of us financially or any other way. I bought all our food and took care of all our bills and financial costs. I even bought him a car and he only paid me back for half. He paid all his bills but he would have been doing that anyway. I am so upset by this because initially I wasn’t even going to file for it but my son and I are currently living in a shelter after leaving his home last November fleeing from domestic abuse by my husband ( obviously his son ) and then my car just died so I figured I would filed for it to fix my car so it was a major disappointment when it kicked back that we didn’t qualify do to us being dependents when we never were dependents. The worst part is that he didn’t even get any money from it because the IRS took it all from him. Is there anything I can do without disturbing the calm?

  212. I have no idea why it auto corrected the word tried and replaced it with retired. Sorry. It’s supposed to be I tried to file for the stimulus for my son and I not retired.

  213. Hello Mr. Forsythe,
    I live in California and want to know if I am eligible for PUA. The following is my condition
    1) I am receiving Social Security Disablilty for the past 4 years and also on Medicare.
    2) I have been supplementing my income through rental property I owe.
    3) Both my tenants left the units around March of this year due to loss of their job to the Pandemic. So far I have lost the rental income or the past 2.5 months
    4) I have been reporting my rental income to IRS every year including my 2019 report. In light of the fact that I am on Social Security Disablilty and Medicare, do I qualify for PUA in State if California? I have contacted my local EDD office in California and spoken to few claim representatives. They all give me different answers. Thank you in advance Nancy Salem

  214. Hello Mr. Forsythe ,
    I live in California and want to know if I am eligible for PUA. The following is my condition
    1) I am receiving Social Security Disablilty for the past 4 years and also on Medicare.
    2) I have been supplementing my income through rental property I owe.
    3) Both my tenants left the units around March of this year due to loss of their job to the Pandemic. So far, I have lost the rental income for the past 2.5 months
    4) I have been reporting my rental income to IRS every year including my 2019 report.
    In light of the fact that I am on Social Security Disablilty and Medicare, do I qualify for PUA in State of California?
    I have contacted my local EDD office in California and spoken to few claim representatives. They all give me different answers. Thank you in advance Nancy Salem

  215. The state of Alabama has ended my SNAP benefits because I am now receiving the $600 weekly unemployment stimulus payment. Can they count the stimulus as income?

  216. If you receive unemployment it should not affect your hearing status with Social Security. The work you do with your dad might, if during those months you are earning $1,260 gross or more per month. To find a lawyer I would recommend that you do a google search for Social Security Disability lawyers in your area.

    Turning to your sister, she is currently receiving a minor dependent on your father’s benefits. This will end when she turns 18 unless she is still in high school. If that is the case the benefits will continue until she graduates high school or turns 19 whichever comes first. Also if you are found disabled by Social Security you will be able to collect on your fathers record as well under a benefits called a Childhood Disability Benefit.

  217. At this point the only thing you could do would be to file a complaint with the IRS stating that he did not provide more than 50% of your living expenses.

  218. Each state sets their own rules for SNAP eligibility. If you wish to question their decision you will need to contact your state SNAP agency.

  219. In general, is a State allowed to decrease your PUA benefit because you receive ssdi? I’m in Ca and haven’t been able to get through to EDD.

  220. Hr, 5 years ago received TANF in Kansas until Child Support Order took affect. After 6 months I moved to Florida. 6 months later money stopped coming to child support and daughter became permanently disabled.its been over 4 years, I receive taxes and SSI as Im caretaker. Kansas informed me to open case in Florida as they wouldn’t be enforcing from another state. I received Open Florida Child Support Case letter a year ago but still no money. Received letter from IRS that fathers $1200 was applied to child support in Kansas, I call and it said money was applied to arrears then applied to repayment of TANF. I printed payment history. $1200 was applied and he is credited for payment, then taken away from child support. Customer service said there is still a balance that has to be paid before I receive child support. Stressed, sad and need to care for children.

  221. Hi I live in PA I am on food stamps and am in the process of getting declared disabled for SSD.But haven’t yet.I haven’t worked not filed taxes in years.Do I qualify for stimulus check.Your the ONLY person I’ve had access to to ask.Im so grateful for you!!! Up

  222. Did you find the answer to this, because I have been asking for a month now, but my understanding is NO you will not get the stimulus check if you were claimed by anyone on their taxes as a disabled parent or otherwise. As I was claimed by my son as a disabled parent and they told me because I was claimed on his 2018 and 2019 taxes I do not qualify. sadly NO MONEY COMING.

  223. Each state sets it’s own rules for unemployment benefits so there is no single answer to your question. I am in Massachusetts and have no knowledge of the rules for California. You will have to contact the unemployment office in your state.

  224. Hi Brian… I have a question from MA: Someone receives SSDI and hasn’t worked in a handful of years. She was about to start doing a babysitting job from her home for a local mom a few hours a week when Covid took hold of everything. She was going to report the few hours of work/income to SSDI, but it was going to be negligent enough that it wouldn’t have effected her. She was going to start on 3/12, but then wasn’t able to, as the mom of the child she was going to care for got laid off. Can the person on SSDI who was going to start babysitting a few hours a week, now apply for and get PUA? Or no, because she hadn’t actually started yet? It seems on the application for PUA in MA, it asked her if she was going to start a job, but couldn’t due to PUA. So, it seems that she can get it, but wanted to make sure she’s not doing anything wrong.

  225. If she was supposed to start a job but was unable due to Covid-19, she would appear to meet the guidelines for PUA.

  226. thank you for taking the time to respond. I called SSA for my friend and they said if she’s on SSDI, they don’t care about PUA. Just hoping the few hours she was going to do doesn’t trigger a review. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  227. Hello Jamie — I am in the same situation in California. Did you get any answers yet? I wonder if the question asking about disability is referring to state disability, not Soc Security. I have calls in to various legal aid groups for guidance. Hope you are getting yours sorted out!

  228. I am on SSDI work 13.5 hours a week normally make $500.00 per month keeping me way below $1200.00 monthly max but this month me employer is paying me three times this amount in extra bonuses for the same work from goverment money they are receiving would this be earned income and affect me SSDI ? This extra income is only temporary May and possibly June .

  229. If you receive SSDI and PUA the week you receive SSDI benefits you would select yes when asked if you received sick or vacation pay? Does this then disqualify the person for PUA? Thank you 🙂

  230. Hey Brian

    I am in the state of south Dakota. I know my stimulus won’t affect my benefits cause it was like an advance in tax credit. My question is this I recieved my sons dad’s stimulus due to back child support. Do I have to claim it as income for section 8. Also I have 10 days to report changes right

  231. My brother does not work, but he receive snap benefits does he qualify for the stimulus payment?

  232. Hello Brian, I had been receiving my unemployment benefits because of my hours at work have been cut. My mother was tested positive for the covid19 virus so I had to take a leave of absence to care for her. Also the daycare centers have not opened back back up in my town, I file for my unemployed benefits on 05/23/2020 and I did not receive my benefits??

  233. Hi I am on ssd I had a overpayment of food stamps that o payback monthly will I get a stimulus check?

  234. He would but he would have to had filled out the non-filers form before the end of April. If he did not he will have to do so next year and get the stimulus payment then.

  235. If you are laid off because of Covid 19 and receive unemployment and the extra $600.00 per week will this be held against your retirement benefits when you retire. I’m asking because I am 61 and our company is struggling to stay open. I might be laid off in the future.

  236. Hi from PA my friend receives SSI benefits and has COPD which puts him at high risk for COVID19. If he applies for the PUA will he loose his SSI benefits?

  237. From your article above I copied this statement:
    The increase in Unemployment will not be counted in the rent calculation for individuals in HUD funded housing, including Section 8.

    Now I am confused because when answering a question about this to an individual you said it WILL be counted in your rent calculation while you are receiving it. Can you explain the discrepancy? Also where I live the rent is based on my taxes and therefore essentially in 2020 I am paying on 2019 income. I make less each year so its not ideal for me but that is how they do it here.

  238. I have a question. Many people without a recent work history (some for 2 years, others longer or no history of work at all) have applied and received PUA in Massachusetts. I think the office was just overwhelmed with claims and put them through based on the information provided by the claimants. Some of these people are on SSI, some on SSDI, and others on retirement. Some are actually in their mid to later 70s and retired years ago. I tried to explain to a few the consequences they would undoubtedly face at some point in the future but they think its free money. I think of those frontline workers risking their health to care for us and it actually upsets me that people are basically lying to get this money. AM I INCORRECT IN MY UNDERSTANDING OF PUA ELIGIBILITY?? I understood you actually have had to have some income in the past 4 quarters, were out of work due to COVID-19, available to work and returning to work ASAP. Am I wrong?? Some of these people have never really had a job and are on SSI.

    I am an IC and was reduced to 10% of my income but only claimed PUA for 6 weeks, putting the extra money away to cover my bills for the next month so I could stop collecting. I just do not feel it is fair to take all this extra money while my sister and others on the frontline are going to work every day. I also do not agree with the 600 across the board. They should have just raised the amount to equal close to 100% of the person’s original income with the combined regular benefits. Just my opinion.

  239. Hi Brian, my question is will I lose my Social Security Disability income if I’m collecting unemployment? Also will I lose my mass health insurance. I’m not willing to lose either I need to make a decision. Thank you

  240. The extra $600 is part of unemployment and should have no effect on retirement benefits.

  241. If he receives unemployment under PUA his SSI will most likely be suspended. However, when the unemployment runs out his SSI will be restored. He will need to notify Social Security when he receives PUA and when it ends. If he receives Medicaid it should not be affected by the receipt of PUA.

  242. Sorry for the confusion but the rules were in flux when I started this blog. That is why there have been several updates to it. So at this point the ruling is that regular unemployment will be counted in rent calculations but the additional $600 per week will not.

  243. You are correct that to be eligible for PUA you have to have some recent work history and have lost hours or income due to Covid-19.

  244. I receive calfresh /snap.. I was told that there is a stimulus so to speak added on the EBT card.. is this true? how much will be added if so.. I just started calfresh/snap in may

  245. Hello I am from Pennsylvania and I am SSDI and I was working the slotted hours but due to covid 19 I lost my job. Am I aloud to collect unemployment

  246. Hi as someone who lives in New York and is on SSI I’m concerned about whether or not I’ll be able to keep my benefits. I want to know if recieving unemployment will effect my benefits and if so, how and will I be able to get them back?

  247. Unfortunately I am in Massachusetts and am not familiar with California SNAP. I would recommend that you contact your local SNAP office.

  248. Unemployment is unearned income and will reduce your SSI amount. Also if you receive the additional $600 per month in unemployment, it will cause your SSI to be suspended. However, it should not interrupt your Medicaid and when the unemployment runs out you will be able to restore your SSI cash benefits by notifying Social Security. Remember to notify Social Security when you receive unemployment to avoid a possible overpayment.

  249. Hi Brian,
    If I’m collecting temporary disability from the state due to a stroke I had.. Do I Qualify for $600.00 a week?

  250. Hi Brian.
    If I’m collecting Temporary state Disability, do i Qualify for the $600.00 a week payment?

  251. Hello Brian I have read just about every post that has anything to do with SSDI, And I am still unclear on a few issues,I have been on SSDI for over 10 years , And have not worked at all do to my injuries and my ability to work, Now many people are telling me to file for unemployment because of the pandemic, In reality, I am saying I can not work at all so if I file for unemployment in the state of Calfornia I would be basically saying I can work, so would they stop the SSDI I receive 2200 a month before Medicare deduction, Would I be creating problems down the line with my benefits from SSDI I understand that a person that is on SSDI unemployment does not count as earned Income but by applying is basically saying I can work is this a catch 22?I am really confused if I should apply or not??? Steve

  252. In order to collect unemployment you must meet your state’s eligibility rules. If you have not worked for 10 years I have doubts that you would be found eligible. That being said, the receipt of unemployment will not affect your SSDI cash benefits. It will also not trigger a reduction in or loss of SSDI.

  253. Hi Brian~ will the EIP affect the resource limit for NewMexico GeneralAssistance? What info I could find online stated that it would not affect state programs which receive federal funding, but I couldn’t determine if that applies here. Thanks much for your kind assistance, expertise, and time…

  254. Hi, in the emails you receive there will likely be an unsubscribe button on the bottom. Thanks!

  255. Hi Brian – thanks so much for your guidance! My question is whether or not I would qualify for PUA – I do receive a pension from a job I was laid off from back in March of 2019, last year. The amount I receive made me ineligible for unemployment (I had 30 years of service in with my private employer). I did not work the balance of last year, but in January of this year I started advertising my services as an independent contractor. I had one gig lined up for March and it was canceled due to Covid 19 and I have not secured any other opportunities since. Under this scenario do you think I would qualify, or once again would my pension make me ineligible? Thanks!

  256. If file for pua unemployment will it reduce my husbands supplement security income I live in Indiana

  257. I’m in Texas and receive SSDI. Prior to the pandemic I was working part time performing Mystery Shops earning on average $1000.00 per month. Since I am not currently working I applied for Unemployment Benefits and was approved. On May 28th I received $1452.00 and again I received the same amount today. I received SSDI on the 3rd of each month. How will receiving that dollar amount in Unemployment Benefits affect my SSDI or will it.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  258. Good Morning,
    I am a widow and currently am receiving Survivor Benefits. I also am self employed but because of COVID have temporarily (I hope) lost virtually most of my work. My question is if or how will collecting PUA and CARE benefits affect my survivor benefits? Will those benefits be counted as income? Thank You

  259. Hi Brian you answered a question for me once before and I have another. My sister gets SSI because my dad is on SSDI and she us graduating this year. She would qualify for the pay unemployment up to the date they allow you to go back which is March. But I know once she gets the unemployment her SSI would likely stop which since she graduates this month would most likely stop anyways. But if she recieves the money retro active back to March would she need to pay back those months of SSI?

  260. Howdy! I just would like to offer you a huge thumbs up for the great information you’ve
    got here on this post. I will be returning to your blog for more soon.

  261. If you are receiving social security welfare and You take unemployment you are allowed to claim due to job loss, can Social Security trace the fact that you took unemployment?

  262. I am not sure as I am in Massachusetts and not familiar with New Mexico state programs. I recommend that you contact the NM Center of Law and Poverty at 505-255-2840. They should be able to supply an answer.

  263. In order to be eligible for PUA you must be otherwise eligible for unemployment. Your best bet would be to contact your state Unemployment office to inquire about your eligibility.

  264. Yes. Since SSI is a need based program and therefore any income that comes into the household will affect it, if you receive PUA it will be counted as income to the household and will reduce your husbands SSI. But remember it should not be a dollar for dollar reduction as not all of your income is charged to the care of your husband.

  265. That will depend on your age. If you are at full retirement age they should have not effect at all. If you are younger than full retirement age they could. You would need to speak to your local Social Security office to verify your current status. That being said I would encourage you to apply for PUA.

  266. In order to qualify for the $600 per week, you would need to qualify for unemployment insurance. If you don’t qualify for unemployment you will not be eligible.

  267. No she would not be in overpayment as SSI counts income on the date that it is received.

  268. To be eligible for PUA you must be otherwise eligible for unemployment. If that is the case then you would be eligible and must apply for it. If you receive PUA it will be counted as income for SSI and would most likely suspend your SSI cash benefits while you are receiving it. Once the PUA runs out or you return to work, your SSI can be restored as long as you still have less than $2,000 in the bank.

  269. If by Social Security welfare you mean Supplemental Security Income or SSI, then yes, You will need to report the receipt of unemployment. It will reduce and could suspend your SSI while you are receiving it. If you fail to report that you receive unemployment, it will ultimately lead to an overpayment with Social Security.

  270. Hello Brian, I had a very important question regarding my mother, she is on ssdi and section 8 if she filed for pua in Pennsylvania would it affect her ssdi or section 8

  271. Hi brain, l live in pa, and I’m
    on ssd and also on sec 8 I have not worked for years.am I eligible to apply for unemployment and if so will it affect my Social Security disability or section 8. I cannot afford to lose either one.

  272. My friend is on Security security retired and is Not working is she eligible for unemployment benefits and if so does she have to report it to Social Security?

  273. Yes, they do a computer match with the state reported wage. I’m on SSI and now they’re doing a financial review on me tomorrow, June 24 and they want all of my pay stubs and any other income from December 2018! I am very worried!

  274. Hi Brian!
    I left a comment on somebody’s question about the problem I am going to ask you about.
    I am on SSI and started getting unemployment since March. I let Social Security about this and they said they may stop my checks but that they would be reinstated. But today I got a letter from them for a phone interview. They are doing a full Financial Determination review on me! They want all my pay stubs, W2’s, and any other income from December 2019! Do I have anything to be worried about? Because I am very worried, to the point that I don’t think I even want the unemployment now! Had I known this I would not have even took the unemployment. You probably won’t be able to answer this before my review because my review is tomorrow, I got one day notice! And to top it off, now my employer is appealing unemployment’s decision and I have a hearing at 9:15am and my SSI review is at 10:45am! I hope they don’t clash! I’m not even going to fight unemployment’ decision if I lose, I’m not even going to file my biweekly’s! I don’t want the money if they’re going to cut me off of SSI! I am SO overwhelmed right now! I just thought I would pass this information on if anyone has a question about this! Here’s your answer!
    Thank you!

  275. Hey Brian!
    When I posted my question about SSI doing a financial review on me I said that they wanted all my income from December 2019, that was wrong! They want it all from December 2018! I couldn’t edit my original post! Sorry! I hope this is helpful!
    Thank you!

  276. It would not affect her SSDI as it is unearned income. I am not sure about her Section 8 as I am in MA and only know how it works here. I would recommend she speak to her housing authority to see what they will do.

  277. If she was working and lost her job due to the pandemic, she would be eligible for unemployment. If she has not worked in the past year she would not be eligible. If she receives unemployment it would have no affect on her retirement benefits at all.

  278. It sounds like they are doing a routine Continuing Disability Review. The timing is not great but it is normal. As for the unemployment, since you are on SSI you had to apply for it or risk losing your SSI. If they deny your unemployment your SSI should not be affected. If your SSI is stopped due to unemployment, it will be reinstated when the unemployment runs out. I know it seems like a lot but hang in there. It should all work out in the end.

  279. Thank you so much for having this blog Brian..You are amazing!

    Maybe someone asked this earlier. I receive Survivor Benefits for my two children who lost their father. I am a business owner, and have had to go on Unemployment, since losing 3/4 of my business to Covid. Will receiving the benefits affect the unemployment benefits. Thank you so much for your time.

  280. Hi. I hope you can help me with an issue that I can’t seem to find anywhere online. I have been on PUA because I’m high risk for numerous health conditions and was dr ordered to self-isolate. My job did not require me to do anything at the time, even though they remained open, because business was slow and they needed to reduce payroll. However, last week they contacted me and told me I had to come back to work or file for fmla. I qualified for fmla and all that is squared away now, but the company pays short-term disability for medical fmla and that starts in 2 weeks. Is it going to disqualify me for continuing to receive the PUA? I’ve read a lot about how PUA is for those that normally wouldn’t qualify for unemployment — does that include me? I can’t even figure out how I would report it on my weekly certifications since I’m pretty sure it doesnt count as earned income or pension.

    The disabiity pay will be about 1/3 of what I’m receiving now and I’m not sure how I will live on it, or I wouldn’t worry with all of this. I know the unemployment stimulus is due to end in a month, but I’m hoping Congress will vote to extend it. Will it be more beneficial for me to just quit my job if this happens? I can’t see my dr allowing me to go back to work anytime soon because the situation is becoming much more serious in my area. My most important concerns are that I stay safe and that I maintain my insurance coverage, but I don’t want to be a financial burden on my family if I can help it. Thanks for your help!

  281. I want to clarify that this is company paid short-term disabiity insurance, not SSI. Thanks again.

  282. Hi can people who get ssi benefits with no work history in past two years get pua benefits with out ssi getting affected ?

  283. Can some receiving ssd Benefits qualify for the pua benefits???? With it jeopardizing there ssd???

  284. I have been and am currently on FULL disability for more than 10 years and have worked part-time (10 hours a week) for the last 3+ years in Florida (St. Augustine) but was recently released due to COVID-19. I have received unemployment and “Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation.” Even with unemployment, I still fall below the maximum allowed earnings in order to keep my disability with Social Security but with several claims being bundled as well as the weekly $600 for the “Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation” I bring in more than the maximum per month for at least a few months. First of all, are either earnings which count towards the maximum per month? And is there any way that I can protect my current disability income?

  285. Hi Brian,

    My father was collecting SSA benefits due to retirement and was also collecting SSI, he was using the Social Security app to report his part time work monthly, but he tested positive and couldn’t work for 2 months until May. by that time, he did not report anything to social security since he was in hospital ( no work ) After he released from hospital, he applied unemployment benefit and he got approved. The question is now he received backdated UI and he is wondering if he needs to report to Social security about 4k income for June? you mentioned many time that people could lose SSI while collecting unemployment but will get it back. If amount is this high, should he call social security to explain or just report what he received all those backdated income from unemployment in June?

    Also can he go even further to collect unemployment benefit since he get sick which was March?

    thank you

  286. Hi I’m on disability,
    My husband and I took out our 401k in 2019 to pay off our house,
    It sounds like they are using that money as income and we won’t receive the $1200 or the extra $600 per week, it that right? even though we earned that money years ago.
    Bonnie from

  287. Do nonfiler irs.org when they ask for password put 0
    Then put your password in the next space save your work. You’ll get a 1200 check in the mail but be quick 2nd ones comming Aug 26

  288. You have to go to irs.org file nonfilers when they ask for tax number password put 0 then next line put your password save your work wait for an email that says it’s on irs way a paper check but if you dont have a bank account theyll take 25 dollars to cash it. Or make you get a credit card

  289. I’m on SSI. I haven’t collected unemployment because in the MA unemployment application it asks “are you willing and able to accept full time work” which if I answer yes means I’m not really eligible for SSI and if I answer no I’m not eligible for unemployment. If I was to apply for PUA and lost my SSI while I received it would I still get my SSI back after when my I earned income went back down?? And are you positive with your answer??

  290. People who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation and pension benefits will receive up to $1,200 automatically. However, some people in this group, those who did not file a tax return and who have a child under 17, must act by May 5th to receive a $500 payment for each qualifying child now.

  291. Brian doe you have to put your sdi benefits on your pua application in ohio ? This is very confusing Who do you contact to get back dated for pua ? I signed up on 06/14/2020 but have not worked since around o1/31/2020

  292. The receipt of Survivors benefits should not affect your eligibility for unemployment. Just as the receipt of unemployment will not affect your children’s survivors benefits.

  293. I am not sure if you would remain eligible for PUA if collecting Short Term Disability under FMLA. I would recommend that you speak to your state unemployment agency for clarification.

  294. The receipt of unemployment including the additional $600 per week under PUC does not affect eligibility for SSDI. This is because unemployment is unearned income and only income from work physically done affects SSDI.

  295. Since SSI counts income in the month received the large back payment will only be counted in June. It will suspend his SSI for that month and possibly going forward if he continues to remain eligible for unemployment. If he is now able to look for part time employment he should remain eligible for unemployment. However, I do recommend that he check with the unemployment agency in your state to make sure.

  296. I am not sure as I have not come across this before. Let me see if I have this right, the money from the 401K put your annual income for 2019 above the amount that would make you eligible for the $1,200 EIP. As for the $600 per week, that is part of unemployment. If your husband is still working or is not otherwise eligible for unemployment he would not qualify for it. The income from your 401K would not affect eligibility for it at all.

  297. In MA if you have a disability and are able to and are actively looking for at least part time work you should be eligible for unemployment as long as you would otherwise be eligible. In other words you worked the required number of months to qualify. If you have not been working either part time or full time for that last six months before the pandemic you would not be eligible for unemployment at all. If you are eligible and receive it, Social Security will count it as income for SSI and most likely suspend your SSI while you receive it. Once the unemployment runs out your SSI will be reinstated.

  298. I am on disability, but haven’t worked in probably two years, do I have rights to file unemployment to benefit the unemployment package I know it’s a silly question but I just want to make sure

  299. Hi Brian,
    I’m on SSD (I was just approved in July 2020). Can I file for covid-19 I’m worried that the extra $600 a week will put me over the SSD limit. Can I apply for unemployment without the $600 a week effecting my SSD?

  300. Hi Brian,

    Haven’t read through all of the comments, though I did scan through most of them, and haven’t seen this scenario, but I do apologize if it’s already been asked.

    My dad is retired and has a monthly payment made out to him from his paid-into retirement fund. However, he has also had to supplement this with self-employment, most recently as a flight instructor. As you can imagine, this source of income has nearly entirely disappeared, and I wanted to help him to file for PUA, but am not sure how his retirement payments will effect things. If you have any advice on this, it would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your diligence and service! You are helping many.

  301. Brian,
    I echo the appreciation others have put on this website. Thank you for answering questions and continuing to have a presence throughout the pandemic. My brother receives SSI/SSDI and received a letter indicating he could be eligible for PUA (I am not sure where this came from but it looks legit). He has only done “gig work” (painting, helping people move, etc.) and was always paid in cash. Is he eligible in MA to apply for PUA given that he does not have receipts or proof of income. I am presuming no, but am asking on his behalf.

    Thank you!

  302. If you meet your state’s eligibility requirements for unemployment, including PUA you can file for the benefits. The receipt of unemployment, including PUA would not affect SSDI as unemployment is unearned income and for SSDI only earned income is counted.

  303. If someone is receiving Social Security Retirement benefits, there are no earnings restrictions. In other words he can earn as much as he wants and it won’t affect his Social Security Benefits. The same thing is true of unemployment benefits. They will not affect his retirement benefits at all. So if he is eligible, he should apply for unemployment to replace the income he lost due to the pandemic.

  304. I am not sure who might have sent him the letter. However, if there are instructions in the letter on how to file, make sure they are legitimate. Go only to the state unemployment site https://www.mass.gov/unemployment-insurance-ui-online and not some other site to apply. If he is found eligible the receipt of unemployment will not affect his SSDI, but it will be counted as income for and reduce or suspend his SSI. Once the unemployment ends, his SSI will be reinstated. Make sure Social Security is notified if he receives unemployment.

  305. Hi Brian,

    I came across some information regarding SSI. As far as I can tell, from information found on the SSA and CA EDD website, (and I believe as recently as within this year), unemployment benefits are no longer factored into SSI or state-issued unemployment. I may have misunderstood, but I did check multiple current sources on the matter.

    Are you able to advise at all regarding this potential change? If it helps you, I was searching on google using the site:[site link i.e. ca.edd.gov] & SSI, as well as other related terms.

    Appreciate your time and advice. Thanks!

  306. Okay, I think I may have misunderstood; it appears, based off a document from the CARES act, that SSI still does factor it in. Feel free to extrapolate, but I didn’t want to mislead anyone.

  307. I second the above sentiment. I haven’t been able to find any answers concerning SSDI and the PUA Unemployment Benefits. I live in California, am self employed, had one client in Dec. 2019, then got the virus. Sick for 2 months Jan/Feb 2020 then the Pandemic officially hit and closed California. It’s still closed and no work. I applied for the PUA on July 15 but haven’t heard anything. Am I eligible? Will this end my SSDI?

  308. Hi Bay;

    The EIP or stimulus payment is not counted by SSI, but unemployment is counted even the expanded unemployment benefits associated with the CARES act. This is because SSI is a need based program and counts all income. The reason the stimulus payment is not counted is because it was written into the CARES act.

  309. The state of California will determine if you are eligible for PUA or not. I can tell you that if you receive it, your SSDI will not be affected. This is because SSDI is only concerned with income from work you physically do. Since unemployment is a benefit, thus unearned income, it is not counted by SSDI.

  310. Yes I am onPartial just as long as you do not make income over your regular benefit. Please note the pandemic unemployment is considered taxable income I do not know why but it is t why that is considered earned and do not let anyone tell you different. Just got off the phone sith both of them

  311. No he should get the extra 600 retroactive from the day he filed.
    You like a zillion others are going to have wait n hold for Unemployment to pick up it can be days to find out why he did not

  312. Is the $600 unemployment tax free?
    Unemployment benefits are generally not tax free (unlike the stimulus checks also approved under the CARES Act). Any money you receive from the federal or state government unemployment fund is included in your gross income and taxed at your ordinary income rate.
    so hope you are below the poverty level or have taxes taken out that will gwt taxed I know for a fact and that goes for those on ssi

  313. I want to understand the logic in a person who may earn minimum wage, but they get unemployment benefits plus an extra $600 weekly, when someone like myself who is disabled due to a medical condition will only receive a 1 time stimulus Payment which is about 1/10 of what unemployed workers receive. We need additional weekly benefits as well.

  314. Hi Brian ,am in Pennsylvania been on SSDI for about 12 years haven’t work will I be qualify for PUA benefits and if approved
    How will affect my said and Medicare benefits?

  315. In order to receive unemployment you must meet your state’s guidelines. You would have to have worked and earned a certain amount in the past six or twelve months to be eligible. I recommend that you contact your state’s unemployment office to inquire about eligibility. If you are eligible to collect unemployment, receiving it will have no effect on your SSDI as unemployment is unearned income and SSDI is only concerned with earned income.

  316. You have to keep in mind that the extra $600 per week is in unemployment insurance. If you worked and lost your job due to Covid-19 you would be eligible for it. However, if you have not been working you are unfortunately not eligible.

  317. If you have not worked for the past 12 years you would not be eligible for PUA. That is because PUA was put in place for individuals that work but are not otherwise eligible for traditional unemployment. This includes individuals who are self employed, work very few hours per week or are part of the Gig economy like Uber Drivers, delivery drivers etc. In each of these cases the individual is or was working prior to the pandemic and thus suffered a financial loss to to Covid-19. If you haven’t been working then you technically have not suffered a financial loss.

  318. The receipt of PUA will not affect your SSDI benefits as PUA is a form of unemployment and thus not earned income.

  319. Hi Brian am on ssdi apply for PUA and was accepted.haven’t had any income and I did report it also I mark as been on ssdi that’s been my only income ,also mark as available to work that if find a part time that am able to do within my limits,they assign with the minimum .I haven’t do the week certification yet because am afraid that if collect any later on the question of available for work could come to hunt me and lose my ssdi benefits ,am 64 and only have 1year and 9 months for ssdi to change to ssa,what’s ur recommendation,should I certify to collect or withdraw the application.

  320. What I can tell you is that the receipt of PUA will have no effect on your SSDI at all. PUA is a form of unemployment and therefore unearned income. SSDI is only concerned with earned income.

  321. Hi Brian!
    If you are on SSI, SSDI and Medicaid (All 3) and you don’t work can you apply for PUA?
    Will you lose your benefits if you apply? Obviously if approved, you would get the bare minimum for your state. Will this somehow affect your benefits, will you lose your benefits?
    SSDI is based off earned income.
    PUA = State (170-180) + Federal (600).. are both of these considered unearned or is one considered earned?
    SSI is based off unearned and unearned income. How would the above numbers affect this?
    Medicaid has an income threshold, if you make more than 16,200 or so, you cannot qualify for Medicaid, if you get PUA, does the 170-180 + 600 count towards Medicaid, or only just one of them?

    I understand this can be considered double dipping, but if you make 500-900 a month from benefits and anyone you receive financial assistance from cannot provide due to covid, how is one supposed to survive?

  322. First, in order to receive PUA, which technically ran out on July 31st you would have to have been working and lost your work income due to Covid-19. If you would not otherwise qualify for unemployment you will not be eligible for PUA. That being said if you are eligible and do receive PUA it will not affect your SSDI. However, it will affect your SSI. This is because unemployment is unearned income. Unearned income does not affect SSDI but will reduce SSI dollar for dollar. As for Medicaid you will have to check with your state Medicaid authority. I can only comment on how it will be looked at in Massachusetts.

  323. My sister is disabled and she receives our father’s social security. She has always received it due to her disability. In the past she had been babysitting my granddaughter 2 or 3 days a week for about an hour and a half for the past months before the pandemic, my daughter-in law would pay her 30 to 40 dollars a week or she would buy her things, I was told that she can apply for the PUA in California. I am afraid for her to apply, due to her losing her SSI benefits. How would this affect her income, I’d would rather her continue receiving her SSI benefits. The extra amount that is included would probably put her over the limits. Would this be the same as SSDI where it is considered unearned income.

  324. First from what you stated your sister is collecting a form of SSDI called Childhood Disability Benefits or CDB. This benefit is treated that same as SSDI and therefore is only affected by earned income. Unemployment being unearned income. You further talk about her SSI, if she is receiving SSI as well as the CDB, unemployment would most likely suspend her SSI while she receives it as SSI counts all income. When the unemployment runs out the SSI can be restored. Wether she would be eligible for PUA will be up to the state of California.

  325. Need help receiving more money on my snap account. I’d eat more if I had more money. I’m under weight and my doctors are concerned.please point me in the right direction. I’ve been on Sadi over 10 years.

  326. Need help receiving more money on my snap account. I’d eat more if I had more money. I’m under weight and my doctors are concerned.please point me in the right direction. I’ve been on Sadi over 10 years.

  327. I live in Massachusetts and on SSDI for over 10 years.
    I need more money on my snap account.
    I’d eat more if I had more money on my account.
    I’m under weight and my doctors are concerned about my weight
    Can someone point me in the right direction to get help.
    I’m 44 and want to live a healthy life.

  328. If I qualify for social security benefits -survivor benefits for a surviving spouse with a child under 16, the earnings limit is $18,120. I was working part time back in March and we were closed down due to Covid. So, I received unemployment for part time work and the extra $600. Do these monies get counted towards the $18,120 or only actual earned income I earned while actually working? Thank you!

  329. My son had his SNAP / food stamps cut off because his salary went over the income eligibility for the weeks that he received $600 extra over unemployment. Now the $600 weekly amount has ended, and he has been recalled to his job, but only for very limited hours, even less that before unemployment. Will is be difficult to get those SNAP benefits reinstated?

  330. It should not but he will need to contact the SNAP office in his state to let them know of his present circumstances. They will then be able to determine his current eligibility and monthly SNAP Allotment.

  331. So there are folks from across the nation, that are living off of ssa and ssi. Their total income not exceeding $800/month. They haven’t worked in years but said they were eligible under the cares act to receive the unemployment $600+/week.

    Are they committing fraud, as SSA is counted as income?! I’m confused. Are there additional benefits people on SSA & SSI could be getting? How are they eligible without having lost work due to the pandemic?!

  332. In order to collect the $600 per week in unemployment you would have to be otherwise eligible for unemployment. So if someone is on SSI or SSDI and has not worked for years they would not be entitled to the $600 per week in unemployment. They were eligible for the one time payment of $1,200 and if they have children under the age of 17 the $500 per child payment if they use the IRS non-filers portal by September 30, 2020.

    A lot of people confuse the two things and think the $600 per week are part of the one time payment but they are completely different.

  333. Can I apply for the corgis unemployment if I’m on a ssi-or said income. Without getting my benefits stopped or reinstated

  334. Hi Brian. My sister was working last year but got diagnosed with cancer around May/June of 2019. Since then, she was hospitalized up until December. She filed for SSDI and got approved. She got her first payment since November until now. She even filed taxes for the 4 months she was working last year. Anyways my question is that since she no longer can work do to her health and her last month working was last year prior to the pandemic, do you think she can apply for unemployment/PUA? If she does get approved, should she inform social security office about it even if the unemployment money doesn’t affect her SSDI?

  335. I would suggest she check with the unemployment agency in her state. They will be able to determine if she is eligible or not. However, I suspect that given the length of time she has been out of work that she may not be eligible. But she should check as I am not familiar with the unemployment rules in all states.

  336. My son is on SSI in California. He received 3 large retroactive payments because it took them over 2 years of appeals and an Administrative Law hearing to get him on SSI. Their “rules” said we needed to pay down the payments within 9 mos, of each retroactive grant, but they paid the retroactive payments every SIX month. I kept all records and paid down, as prescribed. Then to top that, he received the CARES stimulus check. He had NO other income for 2015-2020. You guessed it! I got a letter, as his Representative Payee that he was no longer qualified and we owed ALL of the money back. I wrote a letter and they reduced the payment, but still say he owes because of the stimulus check! He got the check in April, 2020, but the ssa guidance was not posted on their website until end of Oct 2020. I wonder how many others are in my son’s position? I again wrote a letter a month ago and still have not heard anything. It is almost 4 months since he has received any SSI check…and in the middle of a pandemic! My son is lucky as I can afford food and have him lodge with me. I can’t visit the SSA offices because they are closed and when I try to phone, they tell me the letter(s) were received and we have to wait. Unconscionable! I can’t afford another attorney so I wait it out.

  337. Hi Jonathan, I receive ssdi/social security disability insurance and have not worked for more than 3 years. Can I qualify for unemployment benefits under the Pandemic insurance?

  338. The Stimulus check was not supposed to be counted as income in the month that it was received and not counted as a resource in the subsequent 12 month period. So if the overpayment is due to the Stimulus Payment then Social Security is in error. If you have not yet appealed the decision I strongly recommend that you do as quickly as possible. I also recommend that you use the official appeals form and not simply write them a letter. You can find the appeals form on the Social Security website at http://www.ssa.gov. Look for forms and access the Request for Reconsideration form.

    Good luck.

  339. I live in Michigan. My husband has been quarantined per doctors orders because he is high risk. He was on regular unemployment when the pandemic hit. He has been able to keep collecting unemployment because in Michigan you can still collect if you have been advised to self quarantine due to the pandemic. and there is no work search requirements at this time. We applied for ssdi due to his pre existing conditions and was just approved. Can he continue collecting his unemployment legally? It’s NOT pua, it is mainstream unemployment. Thanks.

  340. The one question that is NEVER answered anywhere… If I have a pending disability claim with social security will I recieve the second stimulus check?
    Disability can take a year or two to get approved so there is a lot of people that fall into this category yet it is never discussed?

  341. Is a Stim’s “initial month” day “First of Month” to “End of Month”; or day 15 to the next month’s day 15? Some beneficiaries might get cheated if they land in just two weeks before the initial month closes for them. Right?

  342. Yes you can collect unemployment and SSDI at that same time. Since unemployment is unearned income it does not count towards SSDI. Also since you are allowed to work while on SSDI, you are not violation the rules for unemployment.

  343. You should be eligible for the second stimulus payment. If you received the first stimulus payment it should be handled without you having to do anything. If you did not receive the first stimulus payment then you will need to file tax return for 2020 in order to receive both the first and second stimulus payments.

  344. I am sorry but I am not sure what you are asking. If you could please send me an email directly I would be more than happy to try to help you.

  345. My stepson aged out of foster care however his stimulus was sent to dhs and has them and him as a beneficiary. They mailed both the first and second payment to him and he was unable to cash the first one and sent it back to the treasury dept it was written from and never got a response his second one came in today. How can he get it in a cashable form

  346. I live in nj, I am collecting unemployment and the extra 300 a week. If I get hurt while unemployed, and need to go on disability, do I still get the extra 300.

  347. Wow very informative. However Here’s a post a guy name “Richard” asked but was not answered and it also pertains to my situation.
    I live in Seattle WA and I was receiving SSDI for 15+ years until last month when my benefits & payments were suspended because I didn’t receive any mail letting me know it time for my review. Now have absolutely no income except food stamps for 2 months Am I still eligible for stimulus check? If I am, will it come on my direct express card because its still active?

  348. Here’s 2nd question that I never would’ve thought of if I hadn’t read most of these questions & your answers. So thank you and I appreciate you for this site!
    Being that I have no income at the moment. Is it possible for me to apply and receive SSI even if my SSDI could possibly be reinstated?

  349. My parents are on SSI and they didn’t get any stimulus checks last year. The good thing is they can still get the stimulus money back through the tax turn but the total amount will be over $3k SSI resource limit. They are so worried. If it’s stimulus check alone, I guess it’s easy to tell the source. But when it’s refunded as tax return, I’m not sure if the system can tell the difference and may stop their SSI money. What can they do?

  350. Hello, I began collecting PUA benefits in 2020. In January 2021 I was awarded SSDI and am currently collecting a monthly benefit payment. Can I collect both Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and SSDI? I reside in Virginia.

  351. I have over $2,000 in the bank from receiving unemployment and PUA. For how many months can my account be over $2,000 and still receive SSI?

  352. Hi Lin; Normally you can not be over $2,000 in the bank for more then 30 days without losing your SSI cash benefits. However, with the recent change that Social Security will not count unemployment and PUA as income when received or a resource for 12 months since receipt you should be ok. If you are concerned and were diagnosed prior to age 26 you may want to consider opening an ABLE account. With an ABLE account you will be able to put money that would otherwise put you over resources into the ABLE and not lose your SSI.

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