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Meet the Work Without Limits Team: Bonnie Rivers

How long have you held this position?:

Since Oct. 2017

Best part of the job:  The best part of my job is working on a small and mighty, mission driven team that can drive and feel impact with our employer sponsors daily! I’ve spent the majority of my career in the Financial Industry at very large employers. I am very grateful for the experiences I gained at these companies. However, by nature of being so large, gaining project clarity on direction, consensus, approval, and momentum was not always easy. Running with something often involved hurdles, mazes and towers. At Work Without Limits, we are constantly consulting, evaluating and innovating and with the words “Go for it!” comes great autonomy to do so. We are each responsible for driving our collective mission in different ways. This enables us each to lead, yet always remain critically interconnected at all times. We each challenge each other to be creative and lean into each other to leverage strengths all while delivering exceptional customer service. As a result of this diversity and empowerment, our organization is better for it!


Special skills/interests/hobbies:

I’m not sure how special it is as parents everywhere are all circus performers, but I pride myself on putting on a pretty good show as ring leader, clown, juggler, magician and with 3 teenage girls – most certainly tight rope walker, lion tamer and fire breather! When the circus leaves town, I hope to stretch my wings again and introduce my husband to Europe. Until then, I am a very amateur photographer and try to get away at least once a year with friends for a long weekend of scrapbooking and catching up.


Best advice for job seekers:

Confidence. Believing in yourself makes it a whole lot easier for others to believe in you.


Best advice for employers seeking a more inclusive and/or diverse workforce:

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice. Good choices improve business.


Favorite place in the world:

Tough one. Several come to mind… my whole family piled together under blankets, watching a movie on that rare occasion when no one needs to be anywhere. Laying in a boat’s jib hammock over the open ocean. Anywhere by a boat or the ocean, really. Traveling to new countries, exploring new cultures. Being on stage in front of a packed house. Laying in that bed and being told “we got it all!”. And then there’s the breakfast buffet at the Chatham Bars Inn…

To learn more about disability inclusion training for your organization or joining our robust network of Corporate Sponsors and Disability:IN Massachusetts members, reach out to me:

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Bonnie Rivers
As Director of Employer Relations at Work Without Limits, Bonnie: • leads all services, activities, initiatives and sponsorships surrounding Work Without Limits and Disability:IN Massachusetts • provides disability and employment-related training for state agencies, employment service providers, and employers • manages and develops all corporate partnerships Bonnie has been in the Human Resources and Talent world for most of her career. She has a Master’s in Education, and has managed Learning and Development teams as well as regional Corporate Responsibility and Global Diversity & Inclusion functions.