Improving Health Care for People with Disabilities through Research and Education

In this video testimony, Dr. Linda Long-Bellil, Assistant Professor for the Center for Health Policy and Research at UMass Medical School and a member of the Work Without Limits training team, highlights her experience researching reproductive health for women with physical disabilities and teaching healthcare professionals how to provide quality healthcare to people with disabilities.

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Dr. Linda Long-Bellil conducts research and provides policy analysis and technical assistance related to employment, health and disability. She also teaches in the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Fellowship program at UMass Medical School’s Shriver Center and collaborates with other faculty to educate current and future health professionals about how to provide quality care to persons with disabilities. Additionally, Dr. Long-Bellil provides disability awareness, sensitivity and etiquette training for Work Without Limits’ corporate sponsors and members of the Massachusetts Business Leadership Network.