The Massachusetts Business Leadership Network is now Disability:IN Massachusetts

This year marks Work Without Limits’ (WWL) 10 year anniversary and a change to the Massachusetts Business Leadership Network (MABLN)! Always remaining true to our mission of increasing the employment rate of individuals with disabilities, we have experienced new growth opportunities year over year and 2018 is certainly no different!

Take a look at some of our growth here and the upcoming changes in 2018:

  • 2010 – WWL established the B2B Network with federal grant resources – 5 employers serve as WWL Business Advisory Council (BAC)
  • 2012 – WWL establishes Corporate Sponsorship and Individual Professional Membership Model to sustain funding beyond federal grant
  • 2016 – WWL B2B Network officially becomes the Massachusetts affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN)
  • 2018 – The USBLN rebrands to Disability:IN and our affiliate name changes to Disability:IN Massachusetts

Disability:IN Massachusetts is a network of employers committed to diversity and inclusion and who are interested in building capacity to include people with disabilities in their companies as employees, customers, and suppliers. We offer opportunities for employers to learn from, and connect with each other to build confidence, competence and success when employing people with disabilities. Sponsorship of WWL includes membership in Disability:IN Massachusetts.

The new affiliate name is part of a rebranding effort at the national level — USBLN has rebranded as Disability:IN and we are proud to be part of the network of Affiliates around the United States promoting disability inclusion in the workplace. The organization’s 40+ Affiliates across the country will be joining in the effort of creating a more unified brand to bring more awareness of the importance of including people with disabilities throughout the workforce, supply chain, and market place. Companies that hire people with disabilities are not only demonstrating good corporate citizenship, but benefit from a more inclusive culture. This diversity of talent has been shown to lead to improved innovation and decision-making, as well as more accessible products and services which open markets to a wider audience of consumers.

Our new name will also help us clearly and concisely help tell the story of the impact we make in our local community.

Here’s what we’ll look like from now on:

lthough we’ll have a new name and a new look, our partnership will remain the same:

  • Our purpose remains the same
  • Our model and operations remains the same

What will change:

  • Our MABLN members are now Disability:IN Massachusetts members
  • We will use the hashtag #DisabilityINMass

Disability:IN Massachusetts is proud to be playing an integral role in supporting businesses and people with disabilities throughout the state as they realize their full potential. We promote best practices, hold events, and connect with businesses that are looking to hire people with a range of talent and abilities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us, and thank you for joining us, and our current network, at the table when we ask, “Are you IN?”

To become a Disability:
IN Massachusetts member click here

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Nicole assists in the implementation of Work Without Limits digital marketing strategy including all of our social media channels, and the blog Disability Inclusion and The Workplace. Nicole also provides administrative support to the team and assists with all Work Without Limits projects.