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An In-Depth Exploration of Reasonable Accommodations and the Interactive Process (1 hour)

This training is developed and delivered in collaboration with the Disability Law Center. The interactive process is essential to an employer’s compliance with the ADA’s mandate that employees with disabilities be provided effective reasonable accommodations.…  Read More >

Strategies to Support Mental Health in the Workplace (1 hour)

This training is developed and delivered in collaboration with Dori S. Hutchinson, Sc.D., CPRP, CFRP, Executive Director/Director of Services Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University. It has been several years of ongoing and often intense…  Read More >

Disability Dialogue

A Work Without Limits Disability Inclusion core training is required as a prerequisite. (Disability Etiquette, Disability Awareness: What is Disability & Why it Matters to Business, Interviewing Candidates with Disabilities, Conducting Performance Discussions with Employees…  Read More >

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations 101 (1 hour)

This training focuses on some basic steps to make PowerPoint presentations accessible for people with visual impairments and other disabilities. Basic rules for developing accessible PowerPoint presentations will be covered. These same rules can be…  Read More >

Creating Accessible Word Documents 101 (1 hour)

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge and experience using a current version of Microsoft Word for Windows This foundational training is appropriate for anyone interested in learning basic Word document accessibility. This training will include a discussion of…  Read More >